Need "Something New" For Your Wedding Day Jewelry?

Wedding day jewelry: diamond bracelet, pear lab diamond halo stud earrings, blue sapphire ring, and heart necklace

We’ve all heard the wedding day saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.” Deriving from an old English rhyme, this popular recipe for the perfect wedding day is followed by brides all over the world. Along with the four main items (old, new, borrowed, and blue), some even believe a bride should also include a sixpence her wedding ensemble. This sixpence serves as a way to ward off evil and maximize good fortune.

What's a better way to fulfill the “something new” part of the adage than to invest in a beautiful new piece of jewelry? The With Clarity Made For You Collection features piecing ranging from gorgeous gemstones to lab grown diamond rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This is custom diamond jewelry at its finest. Not to mention, it is both affordable and attractive. Moreover, most of the products can be customized by carat, metal, and even by diamond type.

In other words, why not treat your loved one to a stunning diamond engagement ring or a beautiful rose gold jewelry piece? Wedding jewelry can make any bride feel like a princess on her special day. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at Wedding jewelry ideas guaranteed to delight any bride.

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Searching for your "Something Blue" too?

Try blue gemstones: Sapphire, London Blue Topaz, and Aquamarine

For an engagement ring that stands out from the crowd why not go for something that’s new and blue? The blue sapphire is a sacred stone dating back to ancient times. The Greeks are believed to have worn the stone at Delphi when consulting the Oracle, seeking knowledge of their future. Ancient Indian civilizations also held The gemstone in high esteem. They were known to have offered sapphires to the gods to seek favor and fortune.

The sapphire gemstone meaning has been associated with faith, calmness, and spiritual enlightenment for years. In other words, sapphires represent qualities we would all like to possess. This explains why the blue gemstone would be a welcome addition to an engagement or wedding ring. Aside from its positive qualities, the gem also looks stunning. Sapphires are perfect for a bride who wants to stand out from the crowd!

With Clarity offers an impressive range of blue gemstone rings. Looking for something unique? A 3 carat, oval sapphire ring, could be just the stand out piece you are looking for. Other options beautiful options include blue sapphire engagement rings, London blue topaz rings, and aquamarine rings.

Stand Out With Black Diamond Wedding Day Jewelry

If you want to go about your wedding day in a chic and unique way, check out the range of black diamond jewelry With Clarity offers. Throughout history, black diamonds have been given various meanings. For instance, both Ancient Indians and Medieval Europeans looked to these stones for protection against evil.

Black diamond gemstone meaning

Nowadays black diamonds are held in high esteem by those involved in metaphysical activity, which is a philosophy that utilizes concepts to help define reality and how we understand it. Furthermore, dark gems are often used to connect the physical world with the spiritual world. Not to mention, they also have a mystical look and feel.

For example, a 3 carat oval ring with black diamonds makes for a bold statement. Furthermore, the ring could be a perfect way to stand out on your wedding day. The rich depth of the black gem will contrast perfectly against the sparkling whiteness of a traditional wedding gown, and draw admiring glances from your guests.

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With Clarity Lab Diamond Jewelry For Your Wedding Day

The words cheap diamond jewelry don’t typically go well together. After all, you don’t expect to find amazing jewelry diamond rings or other diamond pieces for budget prices. Thankfully, lab diamonds are an affordable alternative to natural/mined diamonds that offer the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds. Fortunately, however, these diamonds are at least 30% cheaper. Therefore, this allows you to wear a beautiful "something new" piece while not breaking the bank.

Whether you are in the market for a 2 carat oval solitaire diamond ring, a gold band adorned with diamonds, or a halo ring with sapphire, if you’re looking for some stunning wedding jewelry, With Clarity has just the pieces for you. Read on to see our top picks that would be perfect for your special moment!

With Clarity Necklaces

A sparkling gemstone necklace adds instant glamour to wedding attire. Here are three of the best from our curated lab jewelry collection:

Solitaire Halo Pendant

Solitaire Halo Pendant

An exquisite example of lab diamond jewelry, the Solitaire Halo Pendant features 17 diamonds (H color and I1 clarity) formed into a sparkling circular pendant. The pendant hangs from an 18-inch gold plated chain and will inspire hope and elation.

Diamond by the Yard Necklace

Diamond by the Yard Necklace

A popular choice and elegant piece, the Diamond by the Yard Necklace is fashioned from durable 14kt White Gold. The 18-inch cable chain showcases linked 0.45 carat diamonds (I SI quality), and would make a stunning gift.

Lab Diamond Three Stone Cluster Pendant

Lab Diamond Three Stone Cluster Necklace

Signifying the past, present, and future, the Three Stone Cluster Pendant boasts three 0.24 carat on an 18-inch 14kt white gold chain. This pretty necklace would light up any bride to be on her special day.

With Clarity Earrings

Whether you opt for shiny studs or dazzling drops, lab grown diamond earrings are the perfect way to top off an elegant wedding look. The Made For You collection offers a range of stunning examples, including:

Cascais Lab Diamond Earrings

The Cascais Lab Diamond Earrings boast six 0.25 carat lab grown diamonds in a marquise shape - set in 10kt yellow gold. Guaranteed to make you feel special, these earrings are perfect for any blushing bride.

Round Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Round Martini Diamond Stud Earrings

Pretty as a picture, the Round Martini Diamond Stud Earrings showcase a classic three-prong design. Set in 14kt white gold, the 0.50 carat diamonds feature 4x4 size stones and will dazzle the recipient.

Round Diamonds Two Stone Drop Earrings

Round Diamond Two Stone Drop Earrings

Rich with style and dripping with class, the Round Diamond Two Stone Drop Earrings feature show stopping dangling gemstones.Each earring incorporates two 0.50 carat round diamonds in a bezel setting.

With Clarity Bracelets

Adorn your wrist with a dainty bracelet, adding extra sparkle and finesse to your wedding outfit. Here are three super examples from the Made For You collection:

Pirouette Lab Diamonds Bracelet

Pirouette Lab Diamonds Bracelet

Carefully crafted and a real delight to wear, the Pirouette Lab Diamonds Bracelet would be a perfect addition to beautiful bridal attire. With a staggering 105 2.0 carat diamonds (H color, I1 quality), the 14kt white gold bracelet dazzles and shimmers in the light.

Stellara Lab Diamond Bracelet

Stellara Lab Diamond Bracelet

The Stellara Lab Diamond Bracelet radiates glamour. Studded with 33 lab grown 1.0 carat diamonds, this 14kt white gold contemporary 7-inch tennis bracelet is a real find.

Nexus Lab Diamond Bracelet

Nexus Lab Diamond Bracelet

Celebrate love, life, and your happy ever after with the Nexus Lab Diamond Bracelet. A beautiful tennis bracelet beset with 40 0.50 carat diamonds, the 14kt yellow gold bracelet screams opulence.

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