Simple Wedding Jewelry

Simple Wedding Jewelry

Coming together with your significant other on your wedding day is one of the most important moments in any individual’s life. Making your commitment official is a grand celebration in many cultures. The jewelry you choose to signify the coming together of your two independent souls into a bonded pair should accentuate your style without looking overpowering. The choice you make in your wedding jewelry should signify the love you share without being overwhelming.

Simple Wedding Jewelry Choices

If you are looking for options to add style and sparkle to your wedding day attire, you won’t go wrong with any of these.

Solitaire Pendant Necklace

A solitaire pendant necklace is a simple yet elegant addition to your wedding attire. Two of the most popular pendant necklace options are pearl pendant necklaces and diamond pendant necklaces. Pearls, which have been used to symbolize purity and honesty for centuries, are often associated with weddings. A classic pearl pendant necklace adds an ethereal glow to any bride’s wedding statement. Diamonds pendant necklaces sporting a plain solitaire is another elegantly classic choice for wedding jewelry.

If you are looking for something with a bit more pizzazz, you may want to add a bit of color to your pendant necklace. Selecting a pendant necklace with your favorite gemstone surrounded by a sparkling halo of diamonds will give you an added pop. You can find halo gemstone pendant necklaces shaped like flowers or a heart if you are looking for something unique or symbolic for you.

A truly romantic bride may select a pendant necklace with vintage elements for a more classic tone. Brides who lean toward a more contemporary aesthetic may wish to wear wedding jewelry with a more clean and contemporary style.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl jewelry has long been a go-to for wedding jewelry. Adding a pearl bracelet to your wedding look is one of the most popular ways to add timeless style to your wedding attire. You will find pearl bracelets in a variety of designs. Regardless of your personal taste, you are guaranteed to find a pearl bracelet that matches your aesthetic style. Choose between single-strand or double-strand pearl bracelets, or select a pearl bracelet with one-of-a-kind freshwater pearls.

If simplicity is your style, you can opt for a single pearl or diamond accent on a gold chain bracelet. Another elegant yet minimal look is to choose a station pearl bracelet to draw attention to an elegant wrist.

Diamond Stud Earrings

Every bride needs an elegant uncomplicated earring to accent her look on her wedding day. If you are looking for a simple wedding day statement, you can’t go wrong with stunning diamond stud earrings. Choose from the ever-popular round diamond stud earring or a more unique earring with an oval, princess, or oval cut diamond gemstone.

If you wish to add a hint of color to your wedding attire, why not make a lovely sapphire or morganite stud earring.

What Metal Option Suits Wedding Day Jewelry

Of course, the most crucial consideration when determining what metal is best for your wedding day jewelry is going to be your personal style. Some brides will gravitate toward hypoallergenic metals to avoid skin sensitivities on their wedding day. Others will choose a metal that accentuates their natural complexion. Whatever your reasoning, here are a few things to remember about your metal choices.

? Yellow Gold: This metal is a classic choice and accentuates many complexions.

? Platinum: This is the most hypoallergenic choice for metals. This metal also adds sophisticated appeal to your wedding day attire.

? White Gold: This metal is a great alternative to platinum. It offers a lovely silvery-white glow to your wedding jewelry without overextending your budget.

? Rose Gold: The warm pinkish glow associated with this metal adds a sense of romance to even the simplest of wedding jewelry.

Tips for Choosing Wedding Day Jewelry

? Lab-created diamonds are a great alternative to earth-mined diamonds. Though chemically and visually identical to mined diamonds, you can avoid any ethical concerns while being budget conscious when you choose lab-created diamonds.

? Keep your budget in mind. Making budget-conscious choices on metals and gemstones will allow you to enter married life without concern about the cost.

? Always buy from a reputable brand that provides easy returns/exchanges in case you are dissatisfied with the product.


What is the best gemstone for bridal jewelry?

While the diamond is the most popular choice for bridal jewelry, the best gemstone will be the one that speaks to you. Many brides choose to add a birthstone jewelry piece to their wedding attire. Pearls are also a historically iconic choice for wedding jewelry.

What metal goes well with pearls?

Many people prefer platinum or white gold settings for their pearl jewelry. The silverish-white cast of these metals adds to the ethereal glow of white pearls. If you are looking to give a bit of contract to your pearl jewelry, however, you may want to select a yellow gold setting.

Is sapphire a good choice for a simple wedding?

Sapphire is always a good choice for simple wedding jewelry. Not only is sapphire the second most popular gemstone choice for wedding jewelry, but adding sapphire jewelry to your wedding look allows you to check off the something blue on your wedding day checklist.

Which is the best jewelry for a simple bridal look?

There are many great choices for adding jewelry to a simple bridal look. What is best will depend upon your personal preferences and your style. Adding any of the options discussed in this piece to your wedding attire will help you make a stunning statement on your wedding day without looking overdone or outdated.