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Shopping for Diamonds

Shopping for jewelry means shopping for an investment that will last for years to come. It’s important to not only have great options when it comes to buying quality jewelry but also to fully understand the different options available. Lab grown diamond earrings are a great choice for anyone looking for classic, timeless pieces. At With Clarity, we offer a wide selection of lab created diamond earrings in a variety of styles at a range of price points, meaning you’ll be able to find the pair that meets all of your needs.

Online shopping is a great way to select all kinds of jewelry, including diamonds. Shopping online offers a range of benefits, including being able to thoroughly research and compare diamonds based on several important factors. You’ll also be able to get a quick, well designed, accurate summary of all of the most important factors to consider such as price, style, and dimensions.

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Our natural or lab diamond earrings are an excellent selection for all occasions and gifting. Select from a wide variety of diamond sizes to fit any price range.

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Factors that Impact Diamond Price

Diamonds are graded based on four key components, which are called the 4 Cs. These include:

  1. 1. Cut

  2. 2. Color

  3. 3. Clarity

  4. 4. Carat Weight

Though all of these elements contribute to the overall value, and therefore price, of the diamonds, carat is by far the one which is most significant in terms of price. Both natural and lab created diamonds are highly sought after for their beauty and style, meaning a larger carat will result in a higher price point.

Diamond Origin

Diamond origin also plays a significant role in determining the price of diamonds. When comparing natural diamonds to lab grown diamonds, natural diamonds are more expensive. Though both are radiant and beautiful stones, natural diamonds are much rarer, which increases their overall price.

Natural Diamond Price vs Lab Diamond Price

The price point for one-carat round stud natural diamond earrings is $650 as opposed to $470 its lab created counterpart. When it comes to natural vs lab grown diamond price comparison, lab grown diamonds will most likely be cheaper.

Though lab diamonds are less commonly known and less expensive than natural diamonds, lab created diamonds are in fact, real diamonds. Lab diamonds are visually, physically, and even chemically identical to natural diamonds, the only difference is the setting in which they are created. Natural diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle, and lab diamonds employ the exact same process, just in a different setting.

More About Lab Diamond Creation

With Clarity Lab Diamond Earrings

At With Clarity, we offer many choices for you to choose from when shopping for lab made diamond earrings. We offer two primary style options: stud and halo. Stud lab grown earrings are classic, elegant options that come in a variety of sizes, and offer beauty in their simplicity.

Halo lab grown diamond earrings are larger, more intricate, and cover more of the earlobe. Halo earrings consist of a central stone with smaller stones or edges that are joined in a concentric pattern.

Below are some of our most popular, beautiful options for lab made diamond earrings:

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings

Round Lab Diamond Halo Earrings

These earrings offer the streamlined shape of classic diamond earrings with the intricacy of a more complex design. Their classic shape makes them popular choices for both men and women, and can be worn day or night. The unique edges of this cut make the design one of the most popular lab created diamond earrings for men.

Star Lab Diamond Cluster Earrings

These stud earrings are a modern, contemporary option that is as versatile as they are gorgeous. The beautiful center stone is balanced by six diamonds that perfectly accentuate the piece’s beauty.

Round Lab Diamond Two Stone Drop Earrings

Round Lab Diamond Two Stone Drop Earrings

The symmetry and balance of these earrings make them perfect for anyone looking to showcase the natural beauty of diamonds in an unexpected way. The design consists of two hanging diamonds that are surrounded by a flattering and subtle gold edge. This style emphasizes not only the stone but also the setting.

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings

This design is a great choice for anyone who wants diamond earrings with added visual interest. These earrings offer four symmetrical diamonds which are then overlapped by yellow gold or white gold bars. The contrast brings out the radiance of the diamonds and the sheen of the metal.

Round Lab Diamond Milgrain Earrings

These earrings are an example of a stunning yet simple design. Composed of a primary central stone, these earrings bring trendy visual interest with a unique offset edge. The diamond is framed by a cushion shaped halo edge.

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