Top Holiday Jewelry Gifts Under $500

Holiday Gifts Under $500: Infinity necklace, Peridot ring, Wedding bands, Martini diamond stud, Flourish amethyst rose gold ring

As fall sets in, most of us start thinking about holiday gifts. While the bustle of the “shopping season” won’t start until later, by planning ahead it’s easy to ensure that you get the perfect item for each person. To help our customers who want a jewelry gift on a budget, we’ve compiled a few suggestions for less than $500.

Non-romantic Relationship Gift Ideas

While most people think of jewelry holiday gifts as going to a significant other or a spouse, many people choose to gift these to other types of special people too. For instance, you might have a favorite aunt/uncle, close friend, or cousin. Even a parent or grandparent would enjoy some of our holiday gift ideas. Common choices for this group can include earrings, stackable rings, gemstone rings, or a diamond heart necklace.

Chic East-West Solitaire Wedding Band: Not only good as wedding bands, but these types of rings are also easy to stack. They can also make elegant holiday gift ideas for coworkers and holiday gift ideas for men. We love this ring because it is a simple band available in white, yellow, or rose gold. This swirl-designed ring would create waves of different gold shades. Alternatively, a man can enjoy the fact that this ring has quality craftsmanship without being too feminine. Chosen carefully, these bands can also make great holiday gifts for couples.

Chic east west solitaire diamond wedding band ; 14kt white gold

Classic Six Prong Solitaire Peridot Ring: Consider this ring style if your recipient likes green gemstones. It’s also among the best holiday gifts for people born in August since it’s their birthstone. Six prong settings have an advantage because all those prongs hold the gemstone more securely.

Classic Six Prong Solitaire Peridot Ring; 14kt white gold

Classic Six Prong Solitaire London Blue Topaz Ring: For people who like blue gemstones, consider this London blue topaz version. An alternative to sapphire as December’s birthstone, London blue topaz rings are perfect holiday gifts for people born near the holidays.

Classic Six Prong Solitaire London Blue Topaz Ring; 14 kt white gold

Holiday Gifts for Romantic Partners

As with platonic relationships, significant others often love to get rings as a holiday gift. Here, we’ll talk about stackable rings and gemstone rings as affordable options. Keep in mind, with a larger budget you might consider something like a diamond heart necklace.

Flourish Solitaire Wedding Band: If she has a very modern taste, or likes to wear stackable rings, think about this one. It has clean lines and sharp angles, allowing her to add gemstone rings for that extra pop of color. These simple holiday gifts for her are not to be missed.

Flourish solitaire wedding band; 14kt white gold

Sleek Cathedral Solitaire Wedding Band: For a more subtle stackable ring, check this one out. It has a shallow “u” shape in the middle, allowing it to fit around a solitaire gemstone ring. Alternately, get two of them to add extra style.

Sleek cathedral solitaire wedding band; 14kt white gold

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Knife-Edge Solitaire Peridot Ring: Want great holiday gifts for wife? Green gemstones are all the rage, but we can make this in any other stone we carry. With the knife-edge ring, the band is shaped much like a triangle. This provides a sleek, modern look.

Knife Edge Solitaire Peridot Ring; 14kt white gold

Classic East-West Solitaire Amethyst Ring: One of the more stunning holiday gifts for women, this amethyst ring boasts timeless style. Consider a rose gold setting for that romantic look on a budget. Especially if she’s an amethyst fan, these are great holiday gifts for a wife.

Classic Four Prong East West Amethyst Ring; 14kt white gold

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Earrings & Necklaces as Holiday Gifts: great for anyone.

One of the advantages of considering an earrings gift is that you don’t have to worry about his or her ring size. They can also make a great holiday gift for him, if he would wear them. Plus, diamond earrings and simple diamond necklaces can be worn with just about any outfit. Here are a few to consider.

Lab Diamond Circle Cluster Pendant: If you want to give her a lovely diamond pendant necklace, consider this snowflake-like cluster. We love the fact that a bunch of inexpensive, small lab diamonds are used to make a much larger pendant. Finished off with a dainty chain, this one’s an excellent choice for mom or your significant other.

Lab Diamond Circle Cluster Pendant 14 kt white gold

Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant: If she would enjoy a dainty diamond necklace, consider this infinity design. The central design is attached to the chain at both ends, so it can’t be removed. With the meaning of “infinity,” the necklace can be a nice alternative to the rose gold diamond necklace you couldn’t find in your price range.

Lab Diamond Infinity Pendant 14kt white gold

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Round Lab Diamond Stud Earrings: These are the basic diamond studs. While you won’t get 1 carat diamond earrings for less than $500, this pair of half carat earrings is just within reach. The design is a basic four prong setting with the ever-popular round diamonds. Consider these for a younger woman, or for the man in your life who wears earrings.

Round Lab Diamond Stud Earrings; 14 kt white gold

Round Martini Lab Diamond Stud Earrings: For something a bit more unique, consider this pair of lab created diamond earrings. Featuring a three-prong setting, the look is a little more modern. Of course, with the name “martini setting,” they might be perfect for a party girl.

Round Martini Lab Diamond Stud Earrings; 14kt white gold

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings: If she loves a modern design, think about this earrings gift. Each earring has four diamonds, and they’re separated by a strip of gold. Wear them one way for a square shape, and another way to make a diamond. You can even get natural diamonds for this price point. Either way, she’ll love them.

Four Points Lab Diamond Earrings; 14kt white gold

Four Curves Lab Diamond Earrings: This design features four interlocking circles with a diamond in the middle. For women who like larger earrings at a smaller price, this is a good budget option. In fact, you can even get them with natural diamonds and still stay under $500. Also consider these for a teenager’s first diamond earrings.

Four Curves Lab Diamond Earrings; 14kt white gold

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How to Stay on a Budget

No matter how much you love the recipient, there’s no need to go into debt while gift-giving. We’ve shown you these lovely options in the With Clarity collection that is under $500. Keep in mind, with larger budgets you can purchase bigger diamonds.

On the other end of the scale, we’ve chosen lab diamond versions for our earrings and pendants. That’s because lab diamonds are about 30% cheaper than their natural counterparts. You’ll still get the same characteristics as a natural diamond, so most people won’t know the difference. More about Natural vs Lab Diamond Pricing.

We also suggested gemstone rings because they are an excellent budget option. Keep in mind though, that peridot, London blue topaz, and amethyst are the least expensive gemstones. Other selections will cost more.