Top Jewelry Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

Mother Of The Bride Jewelry Ideas

If your wedding is quickly approaching, it is probably safe to say you have your dress, shoes, jewelry, and accessories all carefully picked out. Your big day is one of the most beautiful and important moments of your life, and accordingly so, you want to look stunning! However, for a handful of moments, there's another woman who will also have all eyes on her – the bride's mother.

It's fitting then that she wants to look her very best too. While mother-of-the-bride dresses can be easy to come by, gorgeous mother-of-the-bride jewelry for the occasion can be a bit more challenging.

Top Jewelry Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

If you, yourself, are the bride's mother or are a bride looking for something breathtaking for your mom, then we've got your back! Here are our favorite jewelry ideas for one of the best-supporting ladies a bride could ever ask for.

Inside Out Diamond Hoops

Inside Out Diamond Hoops

Hoop earrings are a classic statement piece that tends to look fantastic on any woman wearing any outfit. These inside-out hoops are unique because brilliant round-cut diamonds set in 14k gold capture light from all angles, making them positively radiant. Though breathtaking, they're understated enough to work well with other accessories.

Diamond journey pendant

Diamond journey pendant

We love the uniqueness of a bezel setting, and this 14kt gold diamond necklace is no exception. Five brilliant round cut gems are set and strategically placed to create an eye-catching pendant symbolic of the journey of your love. Each sparkling stone holds sentimental value, symbolic of the beginning of a relationship, love, marriage, children, and the repeating of the cycle with the mother of the bride's daughter. It can become an everyday piece that reminds her of your love too.

Dawn Diamond Ring

Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Is there anything more iconic than a diamond tennis bracelet? This striking yet subtle accessory has been a favorite for decades thanks to its ability to be paired with any outfit. We particularly love how much this simple bracelet, set with brilliant cut diamonds, each in its own three-prong setting, shimmers with movement. It's a piece she'll want to wear again and again; and can safely do so with the inclusion of an elegant security clasp.

Star Halo Sapphire Ring

Star Halo Sapphire Ring

A ring is a fitting choice for the bride's mother and a piece of jewelry she can wear long after your big day. This sapphire star diamond halo is the ideal blend of lovely stones and symbolism. Diamonds as a nod to the main event (your wedding) and a blue sapphire that is often representative of wisdom and love...two traits mothers have in spades!

Styling Tips for Choosing the Perfect Jewelry

  • Pick something that suits her personality. Don't go bold and flashy if your style is more understated and elegant. You want something she'll feel comfortable in that complements her outfit.
  • Colorful gemstones add color and symbolism. They're a great way to add sentiment and vibrant sparkle to an accessory or outfit.
  • Consider her hairdo. For example, a pendant will complement her neckline and features if she plans to wear an elegant updo.
  • Choose jewelry pieces that won't be hidden. If the mother-of-the-bride is wearing a full sleeve gown, it might not make sense to wear a bracelet that could be obscured by the cuffs of her dress.

Pay attention to the metal choice. Generally, it's a good idea to stick to a similar metal tone, especially if you're mixing materials. White gold is complementary to platinum, while the warm hues of yellow gold and rose gold work well together. Certain metals tend to enhance specific gem colors too, such as pairing whiter hues like platinum with deep blue sapphires.

Aside from these considerations, there are also practical factors, like your budget. Lab diamonds can be a fantastic alternative to earth-mined diamonds as they're visually and chemically the same but much more affordable. The metal you chose can affect the price and the visual appearance, as can other gemstones. When selecting diamonds, metals, and gems, prioritize quality over sheer size. There's also no need to over-accessorize; choosing one gorgeous and impactful piece is ideal.

Remember, no matter where you purchase your wedding day jewelry, be sure to buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns and exchanges in case you're dissatisfied with the product.


  • Should the mother of the bride wear diamonds or pearls?

Both options would look beautiful and be fitting for a wedding day. A pearl necklace or pearl bracelet is an elegant choice for a mother. At the same time, diamond stud earrings or a diamond pendant can become a cherished memento she can wear long after the wedding.

  • Is it ok for the mother of the bride to wear colorful gemstone jewelry?

Colorful gemstone jewelry is an excellent choice for the mother of the bride because it adds a pop of sparkle to her outfit! Some gems, such as sapphire rings, can also have symbolic value, making them more precious to your mom.

  • Are diamond hoops a good choice for the mother of the bride?

In the mother-of-the-bride wedding jewelry we mentioned above, one of our top picks was diamond hoop earrings! We love elegant and classic hoops, and the addition of diamonds helps elevate them for a special event. Additionally, they are often part of wedding jewelry sets in case you want to include other pieces.

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