We Get It: Here's What You Need To Know About Trusting An Online Jeweler

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There has been a steady rise in the number of people shopping online. It’s very convenient - where else can you put your feet up, brew a coffee and browse countless products and services from the comfort of your own home? You can buy just about anything – a car, designer clothing, a diamond engagement ring. But it also brings up worries about trusting those online jewelers.

In 2015 customers spent a mind-boggling 1.55 trillion U.S dollars online shopping (7.4% of the total global sales). This percentage is expected to continue to increase and by 2020 it’s predicted that 14.6% of all sales will be made online.

Retailers have invested heavily in an effort to improve the online shopping experience and gain the trust of valued consumers. The average online shop is now easier to navigate, more polished (with great pictures and descriptions) and much more secure. In the past, you may have been reluctant to purchase expensive items online e.g. a diamond engagement ring, for fear that they wouldn’t look right or that they would be of an inferior quality. There is a huge emphasis now on offering goods according to their description, as a customer you can now have more trust in an online jeweler, just ensure they are a reputable company.

Shopping trends – Offline vs online jewelers

Shopping with an online jeweler can net you some pretty impressive cost savings, they have less overheads and can offer competitive prices. It’s easier to browse too, with comparison websites and internet searches enabling you to visit a number of websites and shop around. Let’s say you are seeking a specific item, such as a diamond engagement ring – with online shopping you can you can take your time and look at all of the options. There is often a broad range to choose from too.

Some consumers prefer the idea of paying a visit to a brick and mortar jewelry store. It may be that you are worried about putting your trust in an online store to meet your needs. Or that you prefer the idea of seeing the diamond engagement ring up close and want to speak to a sales advisor face-to-face. This personal interaction does provide an opportunity for you to ask questions. But it also invites the sales advisor to treat you to their well-rehearsed patter. If you struggle with saying no this may just leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. An online shop gives you the freedom to browse, minus the pressure to buy. You can also forget worrying about opening and closing times.

What can online jewelers offer me?

You can buy the same items from an online jeweler as you can in store. If you are looking for jewelry with beautiful gemstones (ruby, emerald, diamond), wedding bands or a diamond engagement ring you will have just as much choice online, possibly more than you would find in a store. The bonus is you can take your time soaking up all of the information, go for a relaxing soak in the bath then head back to your screen for a second look.

Once you have made your choice you just point and click and your virtual shopping basket will make its way to the checkout. How easy is that? You can even do it whilst holding a glass of champagne in the other hand – well if you are buying a diamond engagement ring you must be getting married and that is certainly a reason to celebrate.

Avoiding jewelry scammers

If you are looking to purchase jewelry there is good chance you will be spending some serious money. Therefore, you need an online jeweler you can trust. Take a bit of time to research the product you are looking for – if you are seeking a diamond engagement ring learn a little about how to identify properly produced diamonds. You should also get to know your rights. That sounds ominous but forewarned is forearmed after all.

A search engine will throw up many potential matches so you may have to be specific – think “diamond engagement ring” rather than just “ring,” you will get a whole host of hits for “ring” and some will be totally irrelevant – hand bell anyone? When you find websites you like check them out, read the “about us” section and browse through. You are seeking a high-quality website with clear pictures and descriptions. There may be a “testimonials” page that will describe past customer opinions – these are good for an insight on products and services provided. You can also look for independent reviews online.

A reputable company will clearly state their terms and conditions, it may seem like annoying small print – but read it, you are spending a lot after all! It’s also advisable to pay by credit card. We are sure you will find an online jeweler that you can trust but that credit card payment just provides that extra layer of payment protection just in case.

Jewelry with precious stones (such as diamonds) should come with certification to prove their origin (they should be from an approved source). Diamonds come with a certificate known as a diamond grading report – this needs to be from a reputable association. Two of the most renowned are GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Geological Society). They will provide an accurate and unbiased report on the grade of your precious stone. Again, check out reviews and customer feedback to ensure you have chosen a store or online jeweler you can trust.

If you are seeking choice, good value and convenience then yes!
Online jewelers can provide all of those. Locating special jewelry like a diamond engagement ring, should be a fun experience – so relax, put your feet up and get searching for that showstopper jewelry!