Wedding Day Bracelet Style Guide

Wedding Day Bracelet

Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day. As much as we think about choosing the perfect dress and veil, brides often overlook how much their choice of accessories can add to their wedding day look. One of the simplest ways to take your wedding attire to the next level is to add a well throughout accessory.

What you may wonder could I possibly add to my wedding attire to make my outfit even more special? The answer for many brides is a well-chosen bracelet. Since many wedding dresses are designed with intricate necklines, you may find that a necklace is simply too much. However, a well-chosen bracelet can add both instant beauty and symbolic significance to your wedding day attire.

Bracelet Choices Your Wedding Day

? Tennis Bracelet: One iconic and often favored wedding day accessory is the diamond tennis bracelet. However, another option is to add a tennis bracelet with the bride’s birthstone. You will often find tennis bracelets available in an array of precious gemstones (ruby, sapphire, and emerald are fairly easy to find). This is an elegant way to individualize and add a pop of color to a largely monochromatic wedding outfit. Adding a simple tennis bracelet, regardless of gemstone choice, elevates a bride's look by adding a layer of sparkle without diminishing the sophistication of her look.

? Diamond Studded Bridal Cuff: This is a statement piece that will effortlessly grab attention. A lovely diamond-studded bridal cuff is a stunning way to add detail and glamour to a sleeveless or short-sleeved wedding dress.

? Pearl Multi Strand Bracelets: For brides who want something with a timeless and vintage vibe a traditional pearl bracelet is an ideal option. Traditionally associated with weddings due to their symbolic connection to purity, a pearl bracelet remains an ideal option if you are looking for a wedding day accessory to elevate your style.

? Diamond Bangle Bracelets: Perfect for both a simple and elaborate gown, a sampling of bangle bracelets adds a playful element to any wedding dress.

? Delicate Gold Chain Bracelet: This one is perfect for the classic bride who prefers traditional understated jewelry.

What Metal Should Your Wedding Bracelet be Set in?

As with all jewelry choices, the choice of metal is often one associated with personal choice. Although all of your metal choices are beautiful, some are more becoming with an individual bride’s coloring than others. However, there are also other reasons to choose one metal over another

? Yellow Gold: Always a popular choice, yellow gold may be more prone to scratching than white gold or more expensive platinum.

? White Gold: This popular metal choice is more scratch-resistant than yellow gold and more cost-effective than platinum. However, some brides prefer the more colorful options of yellow or rose gold.

? Rose Gold: This rosy romantic metal is often a preferred metal for romantics. However, you should be aware that sensitive brides may have an allergic reaction to the copper that is used in acquiring this subtle rose shade.

? Platinum: This durable metal offers the same modern aesthetic as white gold. However, if you are looking to maintain a budget, you may prefer to go with the more cost-effective white gold.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Bracelet

? Consider your wedding dress. If you plan to wear a sleeveless/strapless gown, then wearing a statement bracelet, like a diamond bridal cuff, will be a good choice. For brides wearing full-sleeved gowns, something simple like a chain bracelet will be a better choice.

? Think about how much sparkle you want in your wedding day bracelet. Remember that you can find both natural and lab-created diamonds in almost any style that appeals to you. Selecting a statement bracelet with lab diamonds is a great choice for those who want eco-friendly sparkle on their big day.

? As with any jewelry purchase, make sure you buy only from a reputed brand that offers easy returns. The last thing you want to add to your wedding day is an expense that doesn’t meet up to expectations.

? And always, take your budget into consideration before making the final decision on your wedding day accessories.


? Which is better bangle or bracelet? The choice between a bangle and a bracelet is largely one of personal choice. While a bangle offers a playful easily layered accessory option, a bracelet is more flexible. Bangles often provide a more free and bohemian style that may not fit with every bride’s style.

? Which is the most popular type of bracelet? The iconic tennis bracelet is the single most popular bracelet style. Both delicate and sparkly, tennis bracelets are a go-to for many women regardless of the occasion. A traditional diamond tennis bracelet gently catches and reflects the light, while a tennis bracelet set in colored gemstones adds a sparkling splash of unexpected color to a wedding ensemble. If the bride's birthstone happens to be blue, a gemstone tennis bracelet can also act as the bride’s, “something blue.”

? Do diamonds fall out of tennis bracelets? A tennis bracelet can be made of a variety of metals, set with a variety of gemstones, and set in a variety of ways. The type of metal and the setting within which the gemstones are set can have a significant impact on how likely a tennis bracelet is to loose diamonds. It is advised that you avoid buying tennis bracelets set in sterling silver due to the softness of this metal. While platinum is the strongest metal for this purpose, it is also the most expensive.

? Which hand should I wear my wedding bracelet on? Although some cultures may indicated that it is advisable to wear bracelets on your left hand if they are intended for good luck or healing, the hand you wear your wedding bracelet on is totally up to you. Some brides share that they choose to wear a wedding bracelet on their right hand as they want to balance out their jewelry. Also, there are those who point out that you are more likely to capture your wedding bracelet in wedding photos when you are facing your spouse if you wear it on your right hand.

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