Winter 2022 Wedding Inspirations and Matching Jewelry

Winter 2022 Wedding Themes and Jewelry

Marrying your true love is a dream come true, and winter is the perfect season for a beautiful and romantic wedding. If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you’re likely researching 2022 trends for gowns and jewelry ideas. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Winter Wedding Gown and Jewelry Looks

Jewelry plays a large role in your wedding look. Consider the level of embellishment, silhouette of your gown, and the style to help determine what jewelry looks best. We selected different styles of wedding gowns and added some jewelry ideas to complement each look.

  • Elegant Long Sleeves: Dresses with elegant long sleeves draw attention to the neck, so here are a few necklace ideas.
    • Tennis Necklace: These classic, glamorous necklaces work well for long-sleeved gowns with open and deep necks.
    • Diamond Halo Pendant: If your long-sleeved dress has a higher neckline, simple and elegant jewelry like a diamond halo pendant compliments it well.
  • Striking Ball Gown: Ball gowns often have full skirts and plenty of fabric that emulates princess gowns. More extravagant jewelry goes well with ball gowns in order to continue the dreamy, princess-type look.
    • Diamond Embellished Bracelet Cuff: A thicker, diamond cuff pairs well with ball downs because they’re both more extravagant looking.
    • Choker Necklace: These necklaces make a statement and draw attention, and you can even layer these for more drama.
  • Sparkle Heavy: If your wedding dress features plenty of embellishment, then your jewelry should be simpler.
    • Diamond Studs: These are elegant, classic and never go out of style.
    • Chain Bracelet: A simple chain bracelet goes well with an embellished gown. A bracelet or two will compliment your gown but will not take attention away from your amazing dress.

Bold Makeup

  • A gorgeous white winter wedding sets the stage for more dramatic, bold wedding makeup. To balance out the crisp, white wedding, you can experiment with smokey eyes, dramatic lashes and bold lips. There is some jewelry that pairs well with bold makeup:
    • Elaborate Drop Earrings: A bolder earring like a drop style accentuates the drama and draws attention to your face.
    • Multi-Strand Pearl Necklace: Pearls are a classic, elegant jewelry choice. Wearing multiple strands of pearls compliments more intense makeup.

    Gifts for Bridesmaids

    • Displaying all of your amazing bridal jewelry in a winter wedding is better when your bridesmaids also have gorgeous jewelry to showcase. Here are some bridesmaid jewelry ideas that make perfect keepsakes and your friends will think of you every time they wear them:
      • Gold Chain Bracelet and Necklace Set: A matching gold chain bracelet and necklace goes well with varying styles of bridesmaid dresses and is versatile for your friend to wear forever.
      • Pearl Earrings and Pendant Set: A classic pearl earrings and pendant set makes an elegant bridesmaid gift and they never go out of style.

      Winter Wedding Jewelry Tips

      • As you select your winter wedding jewelry, keep the following in mind:
        • Stay true to your style: If you don’t like pearls, then you don’t have to wear them. Select what you prefer and what makes you feel your best.
        • Budget: As you create your wedding dress budget, include money for your jewelry and use this information to help you select your wedding jewelry.
        • Keep your options open: If your budget is tight, you can find plenty of affordable diamond alternatives such as lab diamonds and cubic zirconia. Lab grown diamonds have the same chemical composition, optical properties and physical features as natural diamonds, so it’ll sparkle and catch the light as you walk down the aisle.
        • Mixed metals: If you plan to mix metals, keep similar tones together. For example, pair rose gold with yellow gold or platinum with white gold.
        • Do your research: Only buy from a reputed brand that offers easy returns if you’re dissatisfied with the product.
        • Certification: Choose lab-diamonds or natural diamonds that have been certified by renowned institutes like GIA and IGI. That way you know exactly what you’re purchasing. A certified diamond offers proof of aspects like its carat weight, cut quality, color grade, and clarity.


        • What is the best jewelry for a winter wedding? Diamonds add sparkle for a winter wedding. You can choose something simple like solitaire earrings and a necklace or more dramatic jewelry, such as dangling earrings, tennis bracelets and an eye-catching diamond necklace.
        • How can I add more sparkle to my wedding dress? Diamond (or any gemstone) jewelry is an ideal way to add sparkle to your wedding dress. The options vary from simple, elegant styles to more dramatic with loads of sparkle. You control your wedding look with your jewelry selections. Plus, you can wear the jewelry for other occasions and special events!
        • Which is the best metal for wedding jewelry? White gold, yellow gold (14K) and platinum are all great choices because of their durability and strength. If you’re looking for a hypoallergenic option with a classic, sophisticated look, then platinum is an ideal choice. If you plan to mix metals, keep similar tones together. For example, pair rose gold with yellow gold or platinum with white gold.
        • Should I pick pearl or diamond jewelry for my wedding gown? Ultimately, you have to decide what you prefer. Traditionally, the rule of thumb is that if your dress has beds, sparkles or other embellishments, you should stick to pearls–or mix pearls and diamonds. If your dress is not embellished, then wear more diamonds.