Wedding bands

Anniversary Bands for Men

Anniversary Bands for Men

You're probably familiar with the modern and traditional wedding anniversary gifts, such as cotton products for your second anniversary or gold for your 50th. But what if you want to give something that doesn't fall into the standard categories? Like an anniversary band?

We believe that every relationship milestone is special. You might feel like your anniversary deserves more than just tin or paper; there's nothing wrong with that! Anniversary bands are a lasting and meaningful way to show your continued love and commitment. Three-stone rings are trendy, as are anniversary bands with diamonds. If your anniversary is coming up and you want to gift your partner, you'll love this selection of top anniversary rings for men!

Top Anniversary Bands for Men

Looking for an anniversary band for your man? Here are some of our favorite picks!

Most-Loved Plain Metal Bands

These men's anniversary rings are elegantly simple and stylish.

Carved dome two-color men's band

Carved dome two-color men's band

We love this two-toned classic band that allows you to choose the perfect mix of metals for his tastes. Its smooth round edges and comfortable fit are ideal for everyday wear. Yellow gold is the gift of the 50th anniversary, and silver represents the 25th; we think this would be a fantastic gift for couples celebrating either!

Double polish split men's band

Double polish split men's band

Whether he considers himself a modern man or a classic one, this versatile ring appeals to all. Its satin top finish offers a unique texture, while the high finish split accents bands create a striking contrast. Available in different metal types and with the option to engrave, you can customize it, especially for your partner.

Carved center cross satin men's band

Carved center cross satin men's band

Sophisticated and modern, this white gold anniversary band is fitting for your handsome partner. The high polish center is expertly carved into a cross satin top, blending textures and finishes for a striking look. It's beautiful and strong, just like your relationship!

The Finest Diamond Bands

Searching for anniversary bands with diamonds? Look no further.

Floating three-stone band

Floating three-stone band

Three stone rings are perfect because the trio of diamonds can symbolize the past, present, and future. This exceptional floating three-diamond band is a charming reminder of how your partner was, is, and always will be your one true love. The unique setting allows light to enter the stone at all angles, creating a striking appearance.

Channel set and milgrained diamond band

Channel set and milgrained diamond band

Instead of a trio of diamonds, you may want to opt for more, such as with this beautiful channel set diamond band. Not only are the stones eye-catching, but the subtle milgrain edging sparkles ever so slightly, drawing in your gaze and setting this ring apart from other traditional diamond bands.

Channel set solitaire men's diamond band

Channel set solitaire men's diamond band

You can't go wrong with a classic solitaire diamond band. But this channel set diamond band certainly fits the bill for those looking for something a little bolder and less traditional. A long channel in the center of the attractive high polish band makes the diamond appear as if it's floating – pure magic.

What to Consider When Buying Men's Anniversary Band

Perhaps the most important thing to consider is metal choice. The metal you choose affects not only the overall look but the price too. You'll want to set a budget and try to stick to it while keeping your partner's preferences and style in mind.

The two most popular choices are white gold and platinum.

White gold is the cheaper of the two. It comes in various karats as it is an alloy of pure gold and other metals, such as nickel. 24kt is considered pure gold and much too soft for jewelry you want to wear all the time. 18kt or 14kt are commonly used instead. Though 18kt is "purer" and therefore more valuable, it will be a little softer than 14kt, making it more susceptible to scratching or denting.

The outside of a white gold band often gets rhodium plating. This coating helps to increase durability and improve the color, making it look truly white. It's a popular pick for those who want the look of platinum without the price. However, the rhodium exterior can wear off with time, usually requiring re-plating. Additionally, some of the metals mixed with the gold could trigger a reaction for those with allergies.

Alternatively, platinum is hypoallergenic. Its silvery-white color is gorgeous and often has a high shine. It won't corrode, yellow, or tarnish, keeping its cool tones for decades and without exterior plating. As one of the most durable metals, this ring will surely last as long as your love.

However, you often have to pay a bit more for the desirable qualities of platinum, as it is one of the pricier options.

Pick the Perfect Diamond

If you're considering anniversary diamond bands, you'll notice that there are a lot of diamond options available. Aside from choosing your preferred characteristics regarding the 4 C's (clarity, cut, color, and carat), you'll also need to decide if you want lab or earth-mined diamonds.

Lab diamonds tend to cost less and have exceptional clarity, color, and brilliance because their production can be controlled, unlike diamonds formed in the earth. They are less rare than natural diamonds, so some may consider them less valuable. However, lab diamonds are definitely the way to go if you're worried about conflict or eco-friendliness.

Natural diamonds are finite and therefore rare; this increases their value as well as their price. When choosing a natural diamond, you have to pay much close attention to whether or not the stone has inclusions, its color, and its cut. Some gorgeous and fine-quality specimens can genuinely bolster the worth of your ring.

Regardless of what type of diamond you choose, choose only from a brand with an excellent reputation that offers easy returns in case you're dissatisfied. Irrespective of whether diamonds are mined or lab-grown, all are certified and rated by the GIA or IGI. This could be a red flag if your diamonds have not been certified. When you've settled on the perfect piece and place, review your budget and your partner's likes and dislikes before making the purchase.


  • Which is the best metal for an anniversary band?

The two most popular picks are white gold and platinum. These metals have a cool, modern color and outstanding durability.

  • On which finger should you wear the anniversary band?

Traditionally, couples have chosen their right ring finger. However, what finger you wear it on is totally up to you; any finger can be the perfect spot for an anniversary band.

  • On which anniversary do you get another wedding band?

While there aren't any definitive rules, many couples will wait for a milestone anniversary to get another wedding band or an anniversary band. A couple's 5th, 10th, 25th, etc., are often considered milestone anniversaries.

  • Is there any difference between a wedding band and an anniversary band?

Only the date it is given changes the band's sentiment (and name). For men, most bands work well as either a wedding band or an anniversary band.