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Best Wedding Venues in New Jersey

Wedding Venues in New Jersey

Getting Married in New Jersey

When someone thinks of New Jersey, wedding venues might not be the first thing to come to mind. However, the Garden State is one of the best places in the world to get married.

New Jersey has dream wedding venues for many couples, whether that’s a rustic barn or mansion. There are oceanfront wedding venues, forest and lush garden wedding venues, along with luxurious city wedding venues in this state. No matter what your wedding venue preference is, you’re bound to find it in New Jersey, making it the perfect state to tie the knot in.

New Jersey is very similar to New York in the way that you can find many similar styles of wedding venues with the same ambiance. The main difference here is the more affordable wedding venues. Many people travel from New York to host their weddings in New Jersey.

We’ve researched the most stunning wedding venues in New Jersey for you. They are listed below.

1. Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury

The Shadowbrook at Shrewsbury is an enchanting and luxurious wedding venue. It has a rich history dating back to 1908 when the property was a crop farm. It later became a country estate for gentlemen. This venue has a capacity of 600 people and the on-site residence has 25 rooms.

The outdoor wedding venue space is romantic and covered so that weather won’t affect you or your guests. The mansion has a grand staircase leading to a large ballroom where you can dance your heart out.

2. The Venetian

The Venetian is another luxurious wedding venue. It’s a large indoor venue that can host more than 300 people. The ceilings are high, the chandeliers huge and sparkling, and your guests will be impressed from the moment they enter the lobby.

The venue includes an incredible chef and you can either choose from their signature menu or create your own custom menu.

3. Pleasantdale Chateau

The Pleasantdale Château is one of the best outdoor wedding venues in New Jersey. It has even been called one of the top wedding venues in the entire United States by! The venue is gorgeous and has 40 acres of dreamy gardens and fields.

There are meadows and ponds, and the entire property is picturesque. There are bridges, gazebos, forests, and everything you could want for an outdoor wedding venue. The indoor space is just as beautiful, with a grand ballroom and more. This venue has a capacity of 350 people and there are 30 guest rooms for those who you invite to stay the night.

4. Rock Island Lake Club

If you’re looking for rustic wedding venues in New Jersey that still have a modern feel to it, look no further than Rock Island Lake Club. It’s an 11-acre lakefront wedding venue. With a view of the Sparta Mountains and waterfalls, you can’t ask for anything more.

There’s a tree arch for when you exchange your vows which looks gorgeous in photos. The indoor space is 14,000 square feet and has everything from a grand ballroom to covered decks where you can get fresh air while being protected from the weather.

5. The Reeds at Shelter Haven

The Reeds at Shelter Haven is a breathtaking seaside wedding venue. The property has a luxurious hotel with a spa. It can accommodate 220 people. You have three different options for the wedding ceremony, ranging from a roof garden to the beach.

The ballroom is large and romantic with a cozy fireplace. This wedding venue is open throughout the year, and winter weddings are beautiful here.

6. The Ashford Estate

The Ashford Estate is the dream secluded farm wedding venue. It’s located in Monmouth County and the entire area is full of rolling farmland fields. This wedding venue is a hidden gem and will make you feel elegant. The Ashford Estate has 30 landscaped acres.

While it has a view of the surrounding farmland, the property itself has sparkling fountains, a floating gazebo, and a carriage house. There’s even a barn chapel for the venue to take place in. For those who want a wedding in the country with class, this is the spot. The Estate even has a magical solid oak library and a conservatory on site. The guest sites are nothing short of lavish and have all the amenities of the best hotels.

7. The Park Savoy

The Park Savoy is the perfect New Jersey historic wedding venue. It was built in the late 1800s but renovated in the 2000s. The mansion sits on the edge of a lake with huge windows overlooking the garden. You have the option of either an indoor ballroom ceremony or an outdoor garden ceremony.

This venue has a capacity of 375 people. A unique feature of this wedding venue is their Man Cave, something every groom dreams of. It has leather couches for guests and a bar, and the overall space is percent for photos.

8. Park Chateau Estate & Gardens

Park Chateau Estate & Gardens is a wonderful 15-acre garden wedding venue in East Brunswick. There are options for both indoor and outdoor wedding venues here. The lush garden space beside a beautiful pond is one of your options. There’s also a chapel where the ceremony can be held in.

The entire property is extremely picturesque no matter what time of year. You’re able to invite up to 375 guests here.

9. Stone House at Sterling Ridge

Stone House at Sterling Ridge in Warren, New Jersey is a breathtaking mountain wedding venue. It’s a very charming location that is both rustic and modern. There’s an executive chef here who cooks the freshest meals using ingredients from the garden on the property itself. If you want a winter mountain wedding, you’re in luck because they offer special winter rates.

10. The Meadow Wood

The Meadow Wood is one of the best wedding venues in New Jersey. The property is family-owned and was just recently renovated to become even better than before. It has a huge capacity of 500 people, one of the largest wedding venues in New Jersey. You can choose between an outdoor venue with gardens, a stone bridge, and water fountains, or an indoor manor with a private courtyard and tall windows. The grand ballroom has a marble dance floor and high ceilings and is one of the biggest in the state.

11. Ellis Island

Ellis Island is located in Jersey City. Some people don’t know that you can get married on an island just past the Statue of Liberty. The transportation to the island from the mainland is very quick, only an 8-minute ferry. You’ll have a perfect city skyline in the background when you exchange your vows. On Ellis Island, there’s a well-known museum where dinner and dances are hosted.

12. Waterside Restaurant & Catering

Waterside Restaurant & Catering is very close to New York City - so close that the vine overlooks the NYC skyline. For those looking for a sophisticated wedding venue, this might be the one for you. It’s located on the water and has a picturesque white gazebo that looks amazing in photos. The bar is even located near the water, and the grand ballroom is nothing sort of fabulous.

13. Crystal Plaza

Crystal Plaza was built in the 19th century. The “Crystal” part of the venue’s name comes from the sparkling chandeliers that decorated the grand ballroom. Crystal Plaza is a romantic historic wedding venue with beautiful year-round gardens. The capacity for this venue is 400 people. The grand ballroom still lives up to its name and has more than 30 sparkling chandeliers inside. It’s 5000 square feet and even has a Juliet balcony that overlooks the entire room.

Tips for Choosing a New Jersey Wedding Venue

We know how stressful choosing a wedding venue can be, so we hope the above list helped narrow down your search. If you are still overwhelmed by options (understandably, with so many great venues in the state) we’ve put together some tips to make your search easier.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already decided on New Jersey or are considering it as your wedding state. Once you’ve confirmed this, it’s time to decide where in New Jersey you want to have your ceremony. There are venues all across the state, so you can decide on the location first and then look for a venue there, or if you are willing to travel a bit, you can search for the venue you like most first and then plan for how to get there afterwards.

It can be hard to know exactly what to look for in a wedding venue, so narrowing down your options by style is one of the best ways. Do you want a luxurious city wedding, a garden wedding venue, or a mountain wedding? The options are limitless. Decide on the style with your partner and then consider the number of guests you want to invite. In addition to the capacity of the venue, you might want to look at their overnight options if you have guests that you want to invite for the night.

Once you’ve thought about the above points, be clear on what your wedding budget is. Ensure this is a number that both you and your partner are comfortable with. Having a budget will help narrow down your search even more. Keep in mind that some venues are more affordable at certain times of the year such as winter, so think of the time of year you want to have your wedding as well.

Another important thing to consider with your New Jersey wedding is wedding jewelry. Wedding jewelry can truly make or break your wedding outfit, so it’s worth spending time deciding on the perfect pieces for your big day.

Hiring a wedding planner can help you with all of the above points and more. They will walk you through everything you need to have and know for your big day. This includes everything from decor to catering. If you keep these tips in mind when choosing a New Jersey wedding venue, we’re sure you’ll have an easier time finding your perfect venue.


  • Which is the cheapest month to get married in New Jersey?

The cheapest month to get married in New Jersey is January. This is after the holidays and before Valentine’s, so it’s a good winter month to get married in. After January, March and April are the other most affordable months.

  • What is the best time of the year to marry in New Jersey?

Fall is the most popular time of year to get married in New Jersey. October and November are the best months due to their weather and picturesque autumn views. The fall also avoids many tourists.

  • How much will a castle wedding in New Jersey cost?

On average, a castle wedding in New Jersey can cost anywhere between $25,000 to $33,000 for 100 guests.

  • Which is the ideal place in New Jersey to get married?

The ideal place to get married in New Jersey ultimately depends on your preferences. There are incredible wedding venues all across the state, so you get to choose what you like best. Do you like beachfront wedding venues or garden venues? What about small-town venues or mountain wedding venues? Whatever your preference is, that is the ideal place to get married.