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Best Wedding Venues in Texas

Wedding Venues in Texas

Texas is a favorite state of many, and for good reason too. Texas is most famous for its vast golden deserts, but their pine forests are just as popular of a destination. The state is full of beautiful cities rich in history with well-known museums.

If you’re hoping to get married in Texas, you’re in luck because Texas is one of the best places in the world to get married. It has the second highest number of weddings held yearly out of all 51 states. In 2021, nearly 155,000 couples got married in Texas.

There’s a variety of wedding venues in Texas you can choose from, whether you prefer to be under a tree or inside a chapel. We’ve searched the state to pick out the top wedding venues in Texas to exchange your vows at.

1. Blanton Museum of Art

If you and your partner are art lovers, The Blanton Museum of Art is a dream wedding location. The museum can be customized to your taste and has a capacity of 150 seated guests or 300 standing. This wedding venue even gives you a complementary portrait session inside the gallery when it’s not open for the public. This makes for very memorable photos from your big day.

2. Ma Maison

Ma Maison means “my house” in French. If you want a wedding in a country location, this venue outside of Austin is situated on 23 secluded acres in gorgeous wine country, full of oak trees.

The property is elegant and has the perfect ratio of making your guests feel at home while impressing them at the same time. You can choose from an indoor or outdoor wedding venue. The Great Hall is 4000 square feet and has crystal chandeliers and a fireplace. If you prefer an outdoor wedding venue, you can elope under the oak trees in an antique French gazebo, against a backdrop of beautiful Lac Moise.

3. Astorian

If you’re looking for a glamorous and posh wedding venue, look no future than The Astorian. This luxury wedding venue is meant to imitate the Grand Central Station of NY. The venue has an enormous capacity of 7000 people inside the 14,000 square foot space. You can choose to decorate the space to your preference and have many catering options as well.


Edison’s is located in North Texas. This wedding venue allows you to choose any type of grand wedding that you want. It’s popular amongst those who love DJs and dance floors in every room. Everything is customizable to your preference. The capacity is 300 people and more on the dance floor.

5. The Allan House

The Allan House is an older building created in 1883. It has a very charming feel and is perfect for those who love historic buildings. It is located in downtown Austin. The wedding venue comes complete with everything you could wish a historic building would have - a circular courtyard, a mansion on site, and a stunning lawn.

6. The Bell Tower On 34th

If you want to feel like royalty on your wedding day, we recommend The Bell Tower On 34th.. The venue is massive and impressive with its marble floors and tall ceilings. This wedding venue comes with a chef who stays on-site to ensure your guests have the most memorable food, which is something this venue is highly praised for.

7. The Vineyards At Chappel Lodge

The Vineyards At Chappel Lodge is situated on a gorgeous private property. The picturesque vineyards are spread out on this 53 acre property. There’s a beautiful terrance that reception can be held at.

8. The White Sparrow Barn

If you’ve been searching for a barn wedding venue, look no further than The White Sparrow Barn in Union Valley. This isn’t just any old barn - the vintage barn venue is white, with both a rustic charm and romantic feel to it. It’s in a natural outdoor setting with large oak trees and gardens. It’s the perfect country getaway without being too far from the city. This is one of the best rustic wedding venues in Texas. To top it off they even have flower gardens, so for those looking for garden wedding venues as well, you can have both at the same time.

9. Gruene Estate

Have you ever dreamed of having a homestead wedding venue? If so, Gruene Estate can make that dream come true. The ceremony space sits on rolling, lush pastures on a 19th-century homestead. The capacity is 200 guests, and a select number can even stay overnight.

10. Vintage Airstreams Group Glamping

This outdoor wedding venue is a wonderful option for those who want some guests to stay overnight at their wedding, but want something a bit more adventurous and outdoorsy than a traditional bed and breakfast. The wedding venue comes with renovated airstreams for you and up to 26 guests to sleep in. There are a number of outdoor ceremony and reception sites to choose from, and the venue even comes with an above ground pool.

Tips for Choosing a Texas Wedding Venue

When choosing any wedding venue, it can be overwhelming thinking of everything that goes into it. Here are the most important things to consider when choosing a Texas wedding venue.

Firstly, decide on a location. Do you want your wedding venue to be in Austin? What about Houston or Dallas, or a smaller town not as well-known? After you’ve picked your location, think of how many guests you will be inviting. Knowing the capacity of your wedding helps narrow down your choices depending on what will accommodate that.

After you’ve picked your location and decided on your approximate guest number, think of the style of wedding you want. You might immediately know the style you’re going for, or you can go through a number of style examples to see what one resonates with you the most. Knowing your style can help determine your wedding budget, which is a number for you and your partner to decide on.

Lastly, hiring a wedding planner is something you don’t want to overlook. They will tie in every detail to ensure your day goes absolutely perfect and nothing is forgotten. They can also help with things such as decor and catering.

If you start planning your wedding by thinking of the above points, you’re setting yourself up for success. And don’t forget to wear dress up in gorgeous wedding jewelry available at With Clarity.


  1. What is the wedding capital of Texas?

Dripping Springs is the wedding capital of Texas. Over 1,000 weddings a year are held there. Wedding venues are everywhere - for example, within 15 miles, you’re able to find over 40 different wedding venues. These range from mansions to rustic barns.

  1. How much does a wedding in Texas cost?

The average Texas wedding cost was $22,964 in 2021. You have many options to find a venue that costs exactly what your budget is.

  1. Which is the best time to get married in Texas?

October is the most popular month to get married in Texas. It’s considered to be the best time because fall in general is one of the best times out of the entire year to visit this state. The weather is great and the fall scenery is gorgeous. It’s a popular month for outdoor weddings.

  1. Is Texas a good place to have a wedding?

Texas is one of the best places in the world to have a wedding. There are many affordable wedding venues, and there’s truly something for everyone. In 2021, it had the second highest number of weddings held in the entire United States.