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Cuff Wedding Bands: The Trend That’s Here to Stay

Cuff wedding bands

Have you noticed a new trend in wedding bands lately? Gorgeous cuff-style bands have entered the scene, and we’re betting they are here to stay. Why? Because they’re so versatile, effortless to wear, and look positively stunning. If you aren’t sure what a cuff wedding band is, hold onto your seat because we’ll tell you, and chances are you’ll fall head over heels in love with them!

A cuff wedding band is similar in design to a cuff bracelet. Instead of forming a completed circle, the two ends of the ring don’t actually meet. Usually, the ring ends will stop just short of connecting with one another. Besides their separated design, cuff wedding bands are just like traditional bands. They can be crafted from various metals and incorporate jewels or engravings to make them beautifully unique.

Where Did Cuff Wedding Bands Come From?

Cuff wedding bands don’t have a long history. But the cuff-style bracelet does, beginning over seven thousand years ago with the Egyptians. It’s likely that somewhere during this period of time, a ring designer had the idea to use the cuff bracelet design on a band meant for the finger. Today, cuff wedding bands take many forms.

Design and Style of Cuff Wedding Bands

Modern wedding bands in the cuff style are seeing a rise in popularity. One reason why is that the design is so versatile. Plenty of materials exist for cuff rings, including yellow gold, platinum, white gold, and rose gold. You can leave your band unadorned and traditional or incorporate gems, finishes, and designs such as milgrain.

While we’re speaking of gems, one popular style of the cuff wedding band is a Toi Et Moi ring. In this design, the two ends of the cuff are fitted with a gem. Each gem is often a different shape but similar in size. For example, you could have a pear-shaped diamond and a baguette diamond. Nestled on each end of the cuff band, the distinct gems of a Toi Et Moi ring signify two different people becoming one in a relationship.

We personally love that a cuff wedding band is also effortless to wear. You can wear it solo like you would a traditional ring. Or, you can stack it! Stacking is a cuff ring’s secret superpower. Usually, your cuff ring can be expertly fitted to your engagement ring. The center stone rests perfectly in the separation between the band's shoulders. As a result, you can wear your diamond wedding band in the cuff style and your diamond engagement ring for the ultimate sparkle factor. For brides who want to wear both their engagement ring and wedding band without having them fused together, cuff rings are an excellent solution!

Comfort and Fit of a Cuff Wedding Band

As mentioned, a cuff wedding band can fit nicely around your existing engagement ring. However, there are more amazing comfort features to this style of ring.

Cuff bands are made to hug your finger. Unlike closed traditional bands that can be difficult to resize and shape, cuff bands usually have just a touch of flex. This enables them to be adjusted to fit your finger more snugly and truly conform to a comfortable shape. Of course, we always recommend accurate sizing before purchasing a ring and visiting a professional jeweler to have any resizing done post-purchase.

How to Choose the Right Cuff Wedding Band

Choosing any ring, including a cuff band, takes some careful consideration. Here are a few factors you may want to think about.

  • Budget. There are many options at various price points. Choose a ring that you love but that also aligns with your budget.
  • Style preferences. Do you prefer rings with warm tones, such as yellow gold, or cooler shades, like platinum? Do you want lots of sparkles or dream of a simple band? Consider your style and preferences, especially with a band you’ll likely wear daily.
  • Customization. Like traditional bands, cuff wedding rings can be customized with different finishes, designs, engravings, and gems.
  • Personal taste. Do you prefer bold and sparkly or subtly pretty? Depending on your tastes, you may want to choose a cuff ring that can pair with an engagement ring or a design meant to be worn alone.


Ultimately, choose a cuff wedding band that represents your one-of-a-kind relationship and preferences, resulting in a gorgeous piece of jewelry you’ll adore wearing every day.

Say “Yes” to the Cuff Wedding Band

When it comes to wedding bands for women, there is no shortage of options. But the cuff band is one of the styles we believe won’t be going away anytime soon. Breathtaking, effortless to wear, and quite modern, who wouldn’t want to turn heads with this contemporary design?


What are cuff wedding bands, and how do they differ from traditional wedding bands?

Cuff wedding bands are rings that don’t form a connected circle; instead, the two ends stop just shy of touching. This leaves a separation in the middle, much like a cuff bracelet.

Are cuff wedding bands comfortable to wear, and do they come in different sizes?

Cuff wedding bands are perhaps one of the most comfortable to wear because they can be adjusted for a snug fit. Just like traditional bands, they come in different sizes.

Can cuff wedding bands be customized with diamonds or other gemstones?

Cuff wedding bands can be customized with diamonds and gemstones. Additionally, you can select different finishes or designs, like engraving.