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How to Buy a Lab Diamond Anniversary Band

How to Buy a Lab Diamond Anniversary Band

One of the best gifts for women over time is jewelry. In particular, as you celebrate being married for several years, it’s often smart to give an anniversary band. This kind of present, whether it’s a 1st-anniversary gift or something given later, reminds your sweetheart how far you’ve come. However, like any kind of jewelry you need to know how to select one. Let’s take a look at what you should consider.

What is an anniversary band?

Simply put, an anniversary band is a sort of second wedding ring. It is a simple band ring that is worn to symbolize that you have been married for a period of time. As the wedding band is presented on your wedding day, this gift for wife should celebrate your anniversary. Anniversary bands can be embellished with extra diamonds, can be wider or be in a different metal color than the engagement ring and wedding band. This enables the anniversary ring to stand out and commemorate the special landmark anniversary.

Wearing an Anniversary Band

When considering each anniversary bands idea, you should consider the different ways to wear these bands. Your wife’s personal sense of style, the design of her existing wedding and engagement rings, and other factors can influence her choice. For instance, if you give a plain and thin lab diamond anniversary band then there’s a better chance she will want to wear it with the other rings as a stack. She can also wear the anniversary band alone as a statement ring on her right hand or to replace her

Occasions to Gift an Anniversary Band

Well, that depends. Some men choose to give a lab diamond band as a 5th-anniversary gift, while others may make it a 25th-anniversary gift. Still, other partners might give her one every few years, often starting with the 10th-anniversary gift. This choice depends on the style, budget, and knowing the lady in your life.

Many partners didn’t choose a lab diamond for the engagement ring or original wedding band. That’s not surprising, considering that this option wasn’t readily available only a few years ago. However, many people consider rings made with them to be a perfect anniversary gift. By selecting a diamond that wasn’t mined from the earth, you can save money and gift her a nicer ring. And at the same time, you won’t sacrifice quality or sparkle because lab diamonds have the same optical qualities as mined ones.

Selecting an Anniversary Band

Any time we talk about diamonds, people want to know how to choose the perfect one. Most anniversary bands have multiple diamonds, though many styles are available. Here are some tips on picking the best anniversary bands for her.

See what she already has

Before heading to the store or browsing online, double-check what she’s already wearing. Although many women wear anniversary band on a different hand, you might want to get one that matches her existing wedding set. In addition, some wedding bands are made to fit around the engagement ring on one side. If you pick a similar contoured band, it can complete the look.

Get a sense of what she’d like

Finding the perfect anniversary gift idea often requires asking your partner questions. For instance, many couples decide they’d like a band with a different metal color. This can complement what she’s already wearing, or it can make a perfect right-hand ring. At the same time, you should find out if your wife is dreaming of large diamonds or delicate details. Nothing beats a compliment like “that’s just what I wanted, honey!”

Find out where she’d wear it

Remember, if you choose an anniversary band with larger diamonds, there’s a good chance she won’t wear it with her wedding and engagement rings. One reason for this is that it can overwhelm the design, and that’s if she has room on her finger. If your wife has her heart set on wearing the rings together, then choose a thinner band. Otherwise, something showier might be more appropriate.

Communicate about metals

Is your wife partial to yellow gold? In love with the rose gold trend? Enjoying the mixed metal trend? Before you try and select the perfect ring, ask her what her preferences are. You might already know, such as if she’s dropping hints. But sometimes the only way to know is by having a conversation. It might be that she wants the anniversary band to be something quite distinct from the other rings.

Ask your gemologist

Finally, if you aren’t certain what ring to get her, be sure to ask a gemologist. Remember, they are trained to help customers pick the perfect gift. There’s a good chance you did this with the engagement ring, too. Having a second person is also valuable. Finally, a gemologist can design a custom ring for you if you’d like to make it special. Even if you purchased a natural diamond for your engagement ring and wedding band, you can still choose a lab diamond for the anniversary band. As long as the qualities are similar in terms of their certification, they will match well when worn together.

Our Top Styles

Here at With Clarity, we believe that “wedding bands” can also be given for an anniversary band. After all, they are similar in size, style, and shape. These are especially appropriate if she wants to wear the band with her other rings. All of the models discussed here are available in 14kt or 18kt, white, yellow, or rose gold. They’re also in platinum.

Cushion Cathedral Halo Diamond Wedding Band

For a classic pave anniversary band, check this one out. Our gemologists have incorporated 17 small diamonds on a dainty band. It is perfect to wear by itself or with other rings. In fact, she could even wear more than one of them on the same finger. You should especially consider this one if her engagement and wedding bands have a pave setting, and if you’d like the rings to coordinate.

Classic Rising Diamond Wedding Band

Here’s another classic option, but with a twist. This ring has a curve in the middle of it, which can help accommodate an engagement ring that’s set with a larger diamond. In addition, the curve makes this ring more comfortable for everyday wear. You’ll also get a more modern look with your 15 lab diamonds.

Vine Diamond Wedding Band

If your wife is a romantic and loves curved lines, check out the vine band. This one is curved in several places and would remind you of the vines in a garden. A great idea with this one is to give a different metal color on various anniversaries. You could even stack them as children arrive.

Opening Twist Halo Diamond Wedding Band

If your wife has an engagement ring with an open setting type, this band is for her. It has a section of metal in the middle which slips underneath the setting of her engagement ring. This way, the light into that special diamond isn’t blocked. As a solo ring, the open twist is also a very modern design. If that’s her, you should check it out.

As you can see, With Clarity has a wide variety of anniversary bands. You can easily choose one to match her other rings, or select something that stands out. If you need help selecting from our lab diamond rings, give us a call. Our gemologists are happy to help.