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How to Find a Unique Women's Wedding Band

How to Find a Unique Women's Wedding Band

Marriage is a promise – one that lasts a lifetime. For better and for worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and health, you want a wedding band that will survive the ride of your life.

A wedding band is more than a pretty piece of jewelry. Also known as wedding rings, wedding bands commemorate and honor your marriage. They make your love public for the world to see.

Wedding bands are often overlooked – and at expense of a nice ring finger. Most people focus on the engagement ring and the big diamond that usually crowns it. However, what many people don’t realize until the last second is that wedding bands are also an important part of any married couple’s left hand.

Because wedding bands are usually worn together with the engagement ring, you want to choose a set of rings that complement each other and look good together. In other words, make sure to not forget about unique wedding bands when you go shopping for the big rock.

The Difference Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

There are two main differences between engagement rings and wedding bands. For one, an engagement ring symbolizes the commitment and aspiration to matrimony. A wedding band, on the other hand, symbolizes matrimony itself and the coming together of a wedded couple.

The other main difference between these two types of rings is a matter of visual appearance. Engagement rings are usually flashier, featuring any number of diamonds and gemstones arranged in many different ways. Wedding bands, however, tend to have a more serene feel and look “simple,” though that doesn’t have to mean boring. Scroll down to learn more, including about our unique gold wedding bands.

Different Aspects that Make A Wedding Band Unique

Other than the white dress, the walk down the aisle, and the big creamy cake, most weddings don’t have a lot of things in common. And why should they? Every marriage is special and one of a kind, the type of occasion that deserves a unique wedding band to match the event.

Choosing a special wedding ring is also about showing your care and dedication to your partner. Some brides and grooms don’t require much from a ring. But the truth is that a lot of us want to feel treasured on one of the most special days of our lives by receiving the kind of wedding band you just don’t find everywhere.

Just because wedding bands are generally simple doesn’t mean they are all the same. There are still many design and decorative elements that can make many particular wedding rings stand out from the rest. Here at With Clarity, we will help you find your special ring for your special person, including unique wedding band sets.


A sparkle never hurts, and diamond wedding bands are certainly a look to behold. Decorating a wedding band for women with natural or lab diamonds is a great way to distinguish your ring and imbue it with special meanings: beauty, love, eternity – everything we aspire in marriage.

Colored Gemstones

Gemstones are a bit more rare than diamonds on wedding bands – all the more reason to decorate and make your ring stand out with them. Available in many different colors and sizes, as well as both lab-made and natural, colored gemstones are a fun way to give personality and taste to our unique wedding bands for her.


More than just diamonds or gemstones, what matters when choosing a wedding band is finding the right metal for your selection – you want a material to match your lifestyle and taste. We have plenty of different materials to choose from, though you probably already know that gold wedding bands never go out of style.

White Gold

One beautiful and classic metal choice for a wedding band is white gold. White gold is a great option because the silvery shine of this metal really compliments any gemstone or diamond in a ring setting. It it typically offered in both 14kt and 18kt, with 18kt white gold being slightly more expensive given that it is more pure and 14kt white gold being slightly more durable.


Platinum rings have a higher purity than other materials, giving them a naturally cooler tone but also a higher price tag. In addition to being purer and denser, platinum bands are also more durable. When platinum is scratched, the metal is not lost as it happens with white gold or other metals. Instead, the scratches blend in what is known as a patina finish – a kind of matte look that can embellish your ring and give it a vintage look over time.

Yellow Gold

The yellow gold wedding bands are very popular, deriving their warm look from the mixing of pure gold with silver and copper. The yellow tone is a fashionable finish that pairs well with any outfit and truly never goes out of style. One advantage to choosing a honey, warm color is that it sets up an interesting contrast with diamonds or gemstones, should you choose to add any to your band.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is a new favorite among wedding bands. The metal composition consists of pure gold combined with the copper that imbues it with reddish tones, though it requires more polishing and cleaning to maintain its pinkish hues. You can expect to find a unique rose gold wedding band when you shop at WithClarity.

Special Touches to Make a Wedding Band Extra Unique

Another way to make your wedding band unique is by customizing it. You can personalize your wedding ring in a number of different ways, including by engraving names, dates, special lyrics, or any in-side phrase. The opportunities are endless, and you have plenty of fonts and sizes to choose from when shopping for unique matching his and hers wedding bands.

Our Top Unique Wedding Band Picks:

Flourish Solitaire Wedding Band

Flourish Solitaire Wedding Band

This 14K white gold wedding band features a bold design that breaks with the continuous shape of most rings. This is a great choice for those with daring sensibilities.

Chic East West Solitaire Diamond Wedding Band

Chic East West Solitaire Diamond Wedding Band

Also in 14K white gold, this wedding ring is in a coiled design that accentuates texture and play. Unlike the exterior, the interior is flat and ready to be engraved with your special message!

Scroll Solitaire Diamond Wedding Band

Scroll Solitaire Diamond Wedding Band

This delicate 14K white gold wedding band is one of the most intricate options available in the collection. It features elegant designs that loop around the entirety of the band and create a very dynamic, airy feel.

Ribbon Diamond Wedding Band

Ribbon Diamond Wedding Band

This is one of the most unique diamond wedding bands available. Also in 14K white gold piece, it is encrusted with luminous diamonds that are sure to catch your lover’s eyes.

Vintage Side Diamond Wedding Band

Vintage Side Diamond Wedding Band

This is a classic wedding ring with just the right amount of kick. The top section of the band features an impressive row of glistening diamonds, and you can always up the bling factor even more with a bejeweled engagement ring.