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How To Match His and Hers Wedding Bands

Couple wearing matching yellow gold matching his and hers wedding bands

A wedding band is a symbol of a lifetime of love and commitment. So finding a men's wedding band and a women's wedding band is important! Bonus points for if it seamlessly pairs or corresponds together. No worries! We are here to help you match his and hers wedding bands.

Wedding Ring vs Wedding Band

The terms wedding band and wedding ring are sometimes used interchangeably. Therefore, it’s important to understand the differences between the two.

A wedding ring is given to the bride during the proposal and is often called an engagement ring. Generally, the design works to highlight one central, large gemstone such as a diamond.

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Whereas, wedding bands are exchanged from both husband and wife at the wedding ceremony, and are usually more subtle. Wedding bands for women are available in a variety of designs with varying complexity. Wedding bands for men, however, tend to be simple. Despite that, it’s still possible to select rings that compliment or match each other.

How to wear his-and-hers wedding bands

His and hers wedding bands are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Women generally stack their engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger. Where the wedding band sits closer to the base since it is closer to the heart. On the actual wedding day, many women temporarily move the engagement ring to the right hand. In order for the wedding band to be placed on their left.

With Clarity Wedding Bands

In terms of pricing, wedding bands for both him and for her, are available at With Clarity for any budget. Our styles range from $300 to $4,000 with the metal setting largely determining the cost of the ring. We offer a wide range of styles in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. This gives you find bands that fit your budget, and also your unique taste.

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How to customize a wedding band

Many couples choose to have their wedding bands engraved, so a special message is always on the wearer’s finger. Some possibilities for engraving include your partner’s initials, a romantic saying, or a short phrase that has personal meaning.

With Clarity Engraved Wedding Bands: Rose Gold, White Gold, and Yellow Gold

That being said, matching your wedding bands is a personal decision the two of you should make as a team. Choosing a matching or complementary set signals the fact that the two of you are united, share similar tastes, and value tradition. However, for some couples, having different wedding bands makes more sense for them, and that is perfectly fine as well.

Wedding Band Design Pairing Recommendations

If you do choose to pair your wedding bands, take a look at some of our most popular wedding ring pairings:

Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band + Double Carved Milgrain Wedding Band

Milgrain diamond wedding band

This pairing features a gorgeous white gold Milgrain Diamond Wedding Band. The ring is set in a pave style with milgrain edging. While on the surface it’s simple and elegant, the subtle, intricate details such as its slight wave make it a perfect ring to highlight your engagement ring as well.

Double Carved Milgrain Men's Wedding Band

The band above goes seamlessly with this Double Carved Milgrain Band, which features the same stunning white gold with milgrain features. The men’s ring is similar in its minimal style, but shares it’s style by featuring a high-polish center to add subtle interest.

Channel Pave Basket Diamond Ring + Satin Channel Diamond Wedding Band

Channel & pave basket diamond white gold ring

This pairing is designed to highlight a stunning engagement ring. The Channel and Pave Basket Diamond Ring features a white gold design that is customized to emphasize, rather than detract from a beautiful center stone.

Satin channel men's diamond white gold wedding band

The pave band of the ring above features a channel setting and goes well with the men’s band which is also made with white gold and diamonds. The row of diamonds in the Satin Channel Diamond Band style works to further unify and connect the set of bands for eternity.

Princess Accent Diamond Wedding Band + Satin Princess Diamond Wedding Band

Princess accent diamond white gold wedding band

This set of rings works well together because they both feature square diamonds. The similar shapes help make the pair cohesive while still retaining distinct masculine and feminine elements. This white gold Princess Accent Band style is unique in that it features four larger princess cut diamonds in the center of the stone, which draws the eye to the stunning shape of the stones. The princess cut stones are emphasized by the smaller channel set stones in the rest of the band.

Satin princess diamond men's white gold wedding band

The men’s band featured, the Satin Princess Band, has eight small, princess cut diamonds that are equally spaced across the band, and are flush with the white gold metal surface.

Braided Row Diamond Wedding Band + Swaying Brushed Diamond Wedding Band

Braided row diamond white gold wedding band

The details are what make these two bands complement one another so perfectly. Both feature a curved design element that adds interest and complexity to the elegant design. The Braided Row Diamond Band features diamonds that look like they are braided over the top of the band. It’s texture and slight dome shape make it an excellent complement to the engagement ring.

Swaying brushed diamond white gold wedding band

The Swaying Brushed Band curbed design lies in the metal, brushed design. It also features small diamonds that make the ring pop while still staying masculine and trendy.

Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Wedding Band + Satin Round Diamond Wedding Band

Under bezeled accent diamond white gold wedding band

Under bezel diamonds are quite a popular choice when it comes to engagement rings. This Under Bezeled Accent Diamond Wedding Band utilizes that same signature style. The shape and beauty of the diamonds are brought to light in this women’s band, which features a beauty band of pave set stones.

Satin round diamond men's white gold wedding band

Whereas the Satin Round Diamond Band highlights the subtle diamonds in the band by utilizing a similar round cut stone that is surrounded by a satin top finish.

Duet Pave Diamond Wedding Band + Classic Knife Edge Wedding Band

Duet pave diamond white gold wedding band

Angled, knife-cut sides are the unifying element of this pairing. This Duet Pave Diamond Ring style’s edges work to ensure that every single diamond is visible. The design works to increase sparkle and shine while also helping to make sure the engagement in the ring is not overwhelmed.

Classic knife edge white gold wedding band

The corresponding Classic Knife Edge Band is modern. Moreover, the cut makes the band unique and edgy. Both bands are perfect for couples who want to show off their signature sense of style.

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