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The Ultimate Guide to Eternity Bands

Ultimate Guide to Eternity Bands

If you’re looking at this page, chances are that you have already heard about eternity bands. This is unsurprising when you consider that many celebrities where these rings, and the chances are you’ve seen a coworker or friend where an eternity band for women. But what is an eternity band? When is it appropriate to give one or treat yourself to one? And if you have an eternity band, how should you best where it? We will cover each of these topics in the following article.

What is an eternity band?

An eternity band is a ring that features a consistent design all the way around the ring. In other words, there’s no variation from one side of an eternity band to the next, or it wouldn’t be any eternity band. These days, an eternity band for women will feature a line of precious stones all the way around the finger. Older eternity band designs may not have had any precious stones but featured consistent metalwork all the way around.

There is one important variation to the eternity band concept. This is called a half-eternity band, and it features a line of stones only halfway around the band. The rest of your ring band is plain metal. These have a couple of advantages. For one thing, it’s almost always less expensive than a full eternity band that uses similar diamonds. Use this opportunity to get larger diamonds or save money. The second advantage of a half-eternity band is that the smooth metal on the palm side of the ring can make it significantly more comfortable and easy to wear.

Of course, both ring designs are beautiful. However, the differences can help you choose between them. For instance, if she works with her hands a lot and would want to wear this ring every day, you might consider the half-eternity band. On the other hand, this is less of a concern for somebody who works from home or can otherwise place less stress on the palm-side ring prongs.

Significance of Eternity Bands

The concept of eternity bands dates back centuries to ancient Egypt. Even back then, an eternity band was a symbol of love and commitment. You might even say that eternity bands were like the modern equivalent of wedding or engagement rings.

As a concept of symmetrical design, the eternity band has evolved significantly over the centuries. As a major gift, they have usually been made of precious metals. However, back in the Victorian period, you would sometimes see eternity bands for women made out of synthetic materials.

Nowadays, most eternity bands are made from precious gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. Some bands will even alternate the stones, typically colored stones with diamonds. You’ll also sometimes see different stone shapes used, so long as the line of gems is symmetrical.

Since the 1960s, eternity bands have become very popular. Diamond merchant DeBeers ran an aggressive ad campaign that marketed the diamond eternity band as an appropriate gift for married women. The idea is that you would give a diamond eternity band to your wife as a celebration of a major milestone in your relationship. This might be your first anniversary, the birth of a child, or, later on, after a few decades.

Some couples even use an eternity band as a wedding ring, which provides a very bold look. However, because a wedding ring is worn every day, for this usage, a half-eternity band is probably a better idea. We have a large selection of diamond wedding bands in our store, many of which are contoured to fit with our rings.

You can wear an eternity band for women in several ways. Some women choose to wear this ring on their left hand, on the same finger as their wedding set. This is most effective with diamond eternity bands featuring smaller stones. Other women prefer to wear the ring on a different finger, such as an index finger or on her right hand. Wearing an eternity brand on a finger other than with your wedding set allows for the collection to grow over time. That’s because you can put another eternity band on top of the first one, like a stackable ring set.

Ultimately, how you wear your eternity band should be influenced by your personal style and the reason it was given.

Our Eternity Bands for Women

At With Clarity, we have several diamond eternity band options. These feature different shapes of diamonds and boast different carat weights. Additionally, the style variations can suit almost any woman. You can choose either natural or lab diamonds, depending on your budget and values.


Mixed Shape Eternity Ring

Mixed Shape Eternity Ring

The first thing you’ll say about this eternity band is, “wow”! Our mixed shape ring features round, marquise, pear, and emerald cut diamonds. The shapes alternate around the band, though not in the same order every time. This creates significant visual interest and a modern look. Choose between 5 carats of lab or mined diamonds, depending on your preference. You can also choose between white, rose, and yellow gold.

Because this ring is such a showstopper, it’s probably best worn by itself.

Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

Emerald Cut Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

An excellent introduction to fancy-cut diamonds, this eternity band is a classic. It features 32 emerald cut diamonds that total 3 carats. Each diamond is carefully set in a classic basket setting for timeless elegance. Choose 14 or 18 K gold in any color to suit her style.

Best of all, this eternity band for women is easy to wear with almost any other style of jewelry.

Cable Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

Cable Lab Diamond Eternity Ring

Round diamond aficionados rejoice! This diamond eternity band features 23 round brilliant diamonds that total 2 carats. Each diamond is carefully set into a prong setting with a twist. That is, the prongs appear to twist and turn around the edge of the ring, much like a woman’s braid. Best of all, because these diamonds are fairly small, the ring is an excellent gift on a budget. The smaller size also makes this ring a decent choice for stacking.

As with our other options, you can choose from any of the three gold colors in 14 K or 18 K.

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Final Thoughts

Eternity bands have been symbols of love and commitment for thousands of years. Although their styles and materials have changed throughout the centuries, they remain one of the most timeless expressions of love. With all the variety of models currently available, this there’s truly an eternity band or a half eternity band for almost any woman. You’re only limited by your budget and style.



What does an eternity ring represent?

Eternity rings represent love and commitment. As such, they are common gifts from a man to his significant other to mark a major milestone in the relationship.

What is a half eternity ring?

A half eternity ring has styling similar to an eternity ring, but the diamonds or stones only go halfway around the band. The rest of the ring is usually plain metal. These are excellent budget alternatives or presents for a more active woman.

Can an eternity ring be used as a wedding band?

Yes, it can. In fact, that was a fashion a few years back. However, because of the size of these rings, it’s usually better to go with a half-eternity band for this use. We have many options in our online shop listed as wedding bands.

On which finger should you wear an eternity ring?

Whichever one you want! Many women will put a smaller eternity band with her engagement ring, especially when it’s given in honor of an anniversary. The other ladies prefer putting it on a different finger. However, because eternity bands cannot be resized you should be certain which finger you want to use before ordering..

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