Wedding bands

Unisex Wedding Bands

Unisex Wedding Bands

Wait… is there such a thing? Well, of course! In these days, where technology abounds, literally anything is possible! The thing is, not everyone knows that. But hopefully, we can change that! Below, we have a little information about unisex wedding bands, and wedding rings in general.

What Wedding Bands Symbolize

There is actually lots of speculation on the real, true history of wedding rings. Many cultures use them to symbolize different things, and the origins of the wedding ring vary throughout different parts of the world. Some people even say that the concept of the wedding ring stems all the way back to the days of the cave men! It started with the tying of a boulder to the ankle of the woman they had "claimed," which would remain connected to her until, after gradually untying it from her for longer and longer periods, the man felt certain that she would not flee. At that point, he would find something to tie on her finger, as a reminder that she was "spoken for," so to speak. (This is also, interestingly, allegedly the origin of tying a string around your finger to not forget something!) And in Ancient Rome, wedding rings were a symbol to show that a spouse was “property,” which is not a romantic or loving concept at all! But today, our rings are symbols of our undying love for one another (and, let’s face it, they are so cool and fun!). So, really, your unisex wedding bands mean whatever you and your partner decide they mean!

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Ring?

This is something almost everyone who is in the market for a wedding ring asks, both themselves and their partners. And, in truth, no one can tell you how much you should spend on your wedding bands. Many would argue that it’s the meaning behind the ring, not the gaudiness or the price tag. Some people, however, want to go all out, and buy the most expensive rings on the market. Wedding bands can range anywhere in price from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Keep in mind, however, that more expensive does not necessarily mean better. It just means that the metal is a higher carat value, and that the gemstones are of a higher quality.

And, no, unisex wedding bands do not inherently cost more than those tailored to specific genders. They are still made from the same materials, and they are made the same way. Some companies might market certain ones differently, or for different prices, especially if they are usually sold in pairs or sets, but you do not have to worry that the price will go up just because they are unisex rings. Of course, as with other rings, that could change based on the gemstones and metal types that you choose, as well as any customizations you and your partner wish.

Do You Buy Wedding Bands Together?

This is another of those things that really depends on you and your partner. However, we do have a little piece of advice. Unlike the engagement ring, the wedding band selection phase of your relationship probably isn’t going to be a surprise to either one of you. After all, if the two of you are in need of wedding bands, you are probably well past that point, right? So, we suggest that you do go shopping for your wedding bands together. That way, you can ensure that you both get the correct sizes right off, and that neither of you chooses rings that the other one hates. They are expensive, after all, and getting the wrong ones could be very costly.

What is the Best Metal for a Wedding Band?

This is another one of those questions that will ultimately be determined by you and your partner. There are many factors to consider when choosing the metal for your wedding bands, including (but not limited to) lifestyle, attraction to flash (or lack thereof), skin sensitivities and allergies, job type, and personal preference. For those of you who need a little inspiration (and information), we researched some of the most popular wedding band metals, and listed them for you below:

White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold

  • White gold. Because white gold is very often plated with rhodium (a strong, white metal), it tends to be stronger than yellow gold (and many other silver metals, as well). Also, the “white” color comes from that plating, and with it, your white gold ring stays that brilliant, shiny light color you fell in love with.
  • Yellow gold. Yellow gold wedding bands have been around for as long as rings have been made from metals. It is, admittedly, a softer metal, and is best for someone who does not intend to wear it every day or does not work much with their hands. However, there is nothing more classic than unisex gold wedding bands, and with lots of love and proper maintenance, it will outlast your amazing marriage! Or, if you want to get flashy, while remaining classic and traditional, you could look into a thin gold wedding band with diamonds!
  • Rose gold. While rose gold is also a bit softer than, say, steel or white gold, it is a little bit stouter than plain yellow gold. That is because, like white gold, it is reinforced with other alloys that add strength, as well as give it the luscious color that people go wild over.

Other Popular Metal Options

  • Platinum. Platinum is one of the most hypo-allergenic metals on the market. This is great for those with metal allergies. It is also phenomenal for anyone who wants wedding bands that are silky and shiny. Platinum is also among the shiniest metals, and it adds extra bling to the bands you use to represent the union you share with your spouse.
  • Palladium. It is 95% pure (meaning that it is only made up of 5% other alloys), which makes it very alluring for people who are more interested in having metals that are not “diluted.” As it is less reinforced, it makes for daintier, more delicate looking jewelry. However, despite these qualities, it also supports more intricate designs (very useful when having your own custom jewelry made) than other white metals.
  • Titanium. Titanium is one of the strongest, toughest metals available. You can do virtually anything while wearing a titanium ring, and not give it so much as a scratch. Its durability also makes it a great metal for engraving. It, too, is hypoallergenic, and it goes well with any clothing style. This metal makes great rings for people who do lots of work with their hands that might otherwise blemish wedding bands made from some of the other metals.
  • Stainless steel. If you have a super active lifestyle, and you have any doubts or questions about certain metals (particularly if you are on the fence about any of the white/silverish metals), definitely consider purchasing stainless steel wedding bands. There is pretty much nothing that stainless steel cannot handle, AND it is super easy to find ring selections made with stainless steel bands.

PLEASE NOTE: You should NOT let the words “softer metal” give you a negative impression! If you choose the right metal for you and the things you enjoy doing, or do often, you will have a wonderful experience with your wedding bands, no matter what. Any metal you choose, particularly if you choose it from a reputable jewelry source, will serve you well for many years! Also, another thing to keep in mind is that any one of these metals CAN provide you with unisex wedding bands! No one metal is designated for any gender. If you like that metal, your perfect ring can be made from it!

Are Silicone Wedding Bands Safe?

Absolutely yes! In fact, these are some of the safest rings you could get, not just for you, but for the ring itself. As its name might suggest, the silicone from which the rings are made do NOT absorb heat (or heat up at all, for that matter), thereby avoiding any heat damage to your precious wedding band AND burns to your finger. While it is not a good idea to ever wear any wedding band when around heat (see above regarding the right type of metals for your lifestyle), your silicone wedding band will be just fine, no matter what you’re doing. Also, if there is any swelling in your hands while you are wearing your ring, the silicone will allow you to stretch and manipulate it, so that you can remove it. And, as with the metals, silicone can also make great unisex rings.

Other Things to Consider When Shopping for Wedding Bands

Here is a quick list of other things to think about when you are finally in the market for wedding rings, whether they be unisex or not:

  • Do you want them to be matching?
  • Do you want them to complement one another, rather than matching?
  • Are you allergic/sensitive to any metals?
  • What colors go well with your skin tone (something to consider for both the metal and the stones of your wedding bands)?
  • How often (if not all the time) do you plan to wear your wedding bands?
  • Are there certain gemstones that are significant to you and your partner?
  • Do you want something like unique thin wedding bands?
  • Do you wish to go customization all the way, to get the perfect unique unisex wedding bands?
  • Do you already have some special unisex ring designs in mind?

Wedding Bands We Think You'll Love

Here are some of our top picks for both men and women's wedding bands. Check them out below:

Men's Wedding Band Options

Classic Low Dome Men's Wedding Band

Classic Low Dome Men's Wedding Band

This men’s wedding band is perfect for those looking for a classic style. This wedding band is sure to never go out of style and is always a great pick.

Concave Satin Top Men's Wedding Band

Concave Satin Top Men's Wedding Band

This wedding band has a sleek style consisting of a satin top finish, making it a great choice for those looking for more of a satin finish.

Carved Dome Men's Wedding Band

Carved Dome Men's Wedding Band

This is another great style for those looking for a classic style with a twist. The carved our milgrain is the perfect detail to provide a beautiful twist on a classic style.

Women's Wedding Band Options

Classic Low Dome Men's Wedding Band

Classic Solitaire Women's Wedding Band

This wedding band is perfect for those looking for a simple yet elegant look. This design is truly timeless and will never go out of style

Concave Satin Top Men's Wedding Band

Sleek Cathedral Wedding Band

This elegantly designed wedding band is perfect for those looking for a sleek and stylish design. The delicate curve is the perfect design feature to fit the head of your engagement ring perfectly.

Carved Dome Men's Wedding Band

Diamond Basket Solitaire Wedding Band

This simple yet stunning style is perfect for those who are looking to add a little more sparkle to their wedding ring set.