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Wedding Band Trends for 2021

Wedding Band Trends for 2021

Much like with jeans and shoes, there are wedding band trends you need to think about when choosing the right ring. You don’t want your future wife walking down the street with a ring gone out of style. It’s not just her that needs to be stylish. The following guide will help you find the perfect stylish gift to make her happy, but we will also tell you all about men’s wedding band trends.

Common styles

You can never go wrong with something classic. In fact, what better way to showcase your eternal love than by choosing a timeless ring that will last the passage of time? With Clarity carries some of the most popular, classic wedding bands to last a lifetime.

Curved wedding bands

This design features a delicate dip that creates an interesting optical illusion. Despite its curved design, this type of wedding band can still be adorned with diamonds and/or an engraved message.

Diamond wedding bands

Made out of all precious metals and studded with accent diamonds, these rings are made to sparkle and shine and match your engagement ring.

Metal wedding bands

This style is one of the most elegant cuts currently available. It features a thin, delicate wedding band that accentuates long fingers and gives off a very sophisticated image without accent diamonds.

2021 wedding band trends

Here at With Clarity, we have done a lot of market research to keep up with current trends. The following list gives you a glimpse of what you can expect this year.

Rose gold wedding band

This is a great choice for brides with a chic and impeccable style. The rose gold is also a very unique choice that is quickly catching on and becoming one of the new wedding band styles liked by all.

Yellow gold wedding band

A yellow gold wedding band is one of the classiest, most popular wedding band options. The yellow finish is subtle enough to blend in with any outfit and regal enough to be worthy of a wedding ring.

White gold wedding band

The white gold wedding band is one of the breakthrough stars of 2021. The color is bright, airy, and charming enough to be worn by everyone. This metal wedding band is also an easy choice if you are looking to match his and her rings.

Setting types

We can’t talk about wedding bands without talking about diamonds. When shopping for a special ring, it’s very important to consider where the big jewels will be displayed. The following list will tell you everything you need to know about diamond wedding band trends:


A pave setting is one of the most glamorous designs in the wedding industry. It features diamonds wrapping around the wedding band for an impeccable and elegant finish.


A channel setting features two lines of diamonds usually arranged on both sides of a central jewel. This is a great choice for brides who want a traditional, impressive ring on their finger.

French pave

The French pave is all about the bling. It showcases diamonds in a way that maximizes their exposure to light so that their sparkle is bright and luminous.

Diamonds are not the only way to showcase your wedding ring. For example, stacking wedding bands is a great way to stand out. Also known as the two wedding bands trend, this layout consists of putting two or more rings on your finger. There really are plenty of unique women’s wedding bands to choose from.

Men’s wedding bands

When people think about wedding bands, they usually only think about the bride’s ring. However, people seem to forget that a marriage is about two people and that men need rings, too. And just like some women like to be fashionable, some men like to keep up with trends and wear rings that are in style.

Men have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to their wedding bands. For example, they can choose a ring lined with diamonds, or they can choose one without. Most men find that a diamond-less silver ring is a very ageless, classic look.

Men’s Band Recommendations

Knife-edge wedding band

This is a very sophisticated and futuristic design that goes well with first-time husbands. The cut is sharp and sleek, perfect for men with polished lifestyles.

Graduated pave diamond wedding band

The graduated pave diamond wedding band comes with a band of diamonds to catch your eye. This ring is the obvious choice for men not afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

Carved dome two-color men’s band

This is a very masculine choice perfect for traditional and timeless men alike. The yellow gold finish is framed by a silver lining that gives off a sturdy and stable look, both attractive qualities in a man.

Carved satin lightweight men’s band

Similar to the carved dome two-color men’s band, the carved satin lightweight men’s band is a thick design that conveys a well-built foundation. The all-silver offers an alternative for those who don’t want any yellow gold in their ring.

Satin round diamond men’s wedding band

This is one of the most unique men’s wedding bands currently available. It features a broad-chested cut adorned with diamonds that give it a light and sensitive finish. This is a great choice for men who are playful and sweet.


How do you wear a wedding band/ring?

There is no right answer to this question. Simply put on your wedding ring and wear it every day – show the world that you are committed to someone else.

Who buys the wedding bands?

Men typically buy the wedding bands, but these days some couples are splitting the costs. It all depends on what kind of arrangement you have made for yourself.

How much do wedding bands cost?

Wedding bands range in cost depending on the material, cut, and brand. Most good options will start at around $1,000.

Which hand does the wedding band go on?

Wedding rings typically go on the right hand.

What can be engraved on wedding bands?

The opportunities are endless! For example, you can engrave anniversary dates, love messages, or initials. We hope this guide inspired you with some of the latest wedding band trends.