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Your Complete Guide to Stackable Anniversary Bands

Stackable Anniversary Bands

When it comes to relationships, every milestone is worth celebrating–especially anniversaries. To mark such an occasion, it’s commonplace to gift your loved one something special - especially if it's jewelry related. So, if you’re looking for a way to mark a special anniversary with your loved one, stackable rings and anniversary bands are always great options.

From diamond anniversary bands to rose gold stackable rings and everything in between, such stackable rings for women are a great way to express your love and appreciation. And with the ability to stack them over time, you can continuously add on as more anniversaries pass. No matter what your loved one's tastes look like, there are stackable rings out there to suit every style and occasion. In this blog, we’ll discuss stackable anniversary bands and share some of our personal favorites.

Five Stone Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Five Stone Oval Cut Diamond Ring

When it comes to anniversary gifts, you simply can’t beat anniversary bands with diamonds. The Five Stone Oval Cut Diamond Ring from With Clarity is the final word in class, style, and shine. Available in either 14K or 18K gold in the metal of your choosing, its sleek band hosts five oval prong set diamonds sitting neatly in a row. With beautifully sculpted gold and expertly set diamonds, this exquisitely sparkly beauty is great for stacking with other plain or stackable diamond rings.

Seven Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Seven Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring

Is your significant other into the “more is more” aesthetic? If so, With Clarity’s Seven Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond proudly boasts all the makings of a perfect anniversary band with a sleek 14K or 18K gold band and a whopping seven brilliant round cut diamonds extending around its circumference. As a celebration of love, this prong-set diamond anniversary band is the perfect start to an ongoing stackable ring set. With 2-carats worth of diamonds set on a stunning wide gold band, its significance and sparkle are truly undeniable.

Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring

There are many options when searching online for anniversary bands for her. So, if you feel uncertain about which style to choose, you can’t go wrong with classic gold stackable rings. The Three Stone Princess Cut Diamond Ring features a sleek gold band that widens as it reaches its lustrous, expertly set diamonds. This ring’s striking design features an impressive princess-cut diamond centerpiece with smaller, princess-cut accent diamonds on either side for the perfect, glistening frame. Choose between 14 or 18K white, yellow, or rose gold for a ring she’ll truly adore.

Channel Set Diamond Band

Channel Set Diamond Band

If you’re seeking simpler, less pronounced anniversary bands for women to accompany more elaborate stackable rings, look no further than With Clarity’s Channel Set Diamond Band. Designed to signify everlasting love, this particular stackable wedding band is unique in that it features a row of shimmering, inset diamonds within a sleek and opulent gold band. It stands apart from the rest as its diamonds are less obvious, making it an elegant yet understated piece, perfect for pairing with other diamond anniversary bands. Finally, this ring can be customized according to the metal you desire for a finished product that perfectly suits your mate.

Knife Edge Milgrain Diamond Band

Knife Edge Milgrain Diamond Band

Whether you’re looking for a white gold anniversary band or something more traditional in color, the Knife Edge Milgrain Diamond Band is available in white, yellow, and rose gold. Unlike the other anniversary bands with diamonds listed here, this one features four whole rows of expertly set diamonds angled perfectly to show their brilliance and luster. Surrounding its accent diamonds is the impressively detailed milgrain design that made clients fall in love with our original Milgrain Diamond Engagement Ring. Dubbed the “Knife Edge” Milgrain Diamond Band for a reason, the band itself comes to a “knife’s edge”, allowing the diamonds to stand out in all their natural glory come sunshine or rain. With a total of 40 stones, this women’s anniversary band is sure to be a hit.

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Points to Consider When Choosing Stackable Anniversary Bands

Gold Type

If you decide gold stackable rings are the route you wanna take, you must understand the difference between 14KT and 18KT gold. In case you’re wondering, 14KT gold contains 58.3% gold while 18KT contains 75% gold.


When choosing the type of metal you’d like the band to be constructed of, you should first consider which style ring will complement it in your significant other’s stackable ring set. Ideally, you should choose a metal that goes well with the others.


If your bride likes to mix metals, you can create a fun and unique design by incorporating a mix that works well together. For instance, white gold and platinum complement each other nicely, much like rose gold and yellow gold.


Before entering the first stage of the design process, you should first evaluate how much you can afford to spend on an anniversary band. Once you have a number nailed down, deciding on the type of metal, carat weight, and the like becomes much easier.

For those on a tight budget, With Clarity offers you the chance to choose moissanite or lab diamonds for a more affordable but equally impressive piece.

Brand Quality

When shopping with any brand, you must take the time to ensure they have a fair and dependable return/exchange policy. That way, you can return or exchange your band should there be any issues.


  • What’s the Correct Way to Stack Your Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings?

A typical wedding ring stack begins with an engagement ring, followed by a wedding band, then completed on top with the anniversary band.

  • On Which Finger Should You Stack Your Anniversary Bands?

Due to the way they are stacked, anniversary bands should be worn on the ring finger of your left hand–much like your wedding and engagement rings. Alternatively, some choose to wear anniversary rings on any finger, creating their own unique stack.

  • Does an Anniversary Band Replace a Wedding Band?

An anniversary band does not have to replace a wedding band unless that is what you would prefer.

  • Which is The Best Style for an Anniversary Band?

While the style of ring you choose should correlate with your significant other's style and personal taste, one of the more popular styles today is the eternity band. This more traditional design makes it easy to pair it with a diverse array of women’s stackable rings.

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