Materials & Care

#mfy materials — under the microscope

#mfy diamonds: lab-grown and conflict-free

All our #mfy diamonds are lab-grown — a sustainable process that creates diamonds identical in look, feel and even scientific composition to mined diamonds. All without the damaging effects on the environment and communities. It’s how things should be.

Compared to mined diamonds, every 1ct of a #mfy diamond:
Saves water 9 gallons at a time
Reduces waste by 1056 lbs of mineral waste
Eliminates emissions avoiding 11,400 g of carbon emissions

Recycled precious metals

Every single piece of #mfy jewelry is made from 100% recycled gold and silver. Re-using precious metals helps to reduce the amount of mined materials, so CO2 emissions are lower. This means we can create pieces of the same high quality while minimising any negative environmental impact

Gold vermeil (it’s pronounced ver-may)

Recycled gold of at least 2.5 microns is expertly layered on top of sterling silver to create all our gold vermeil jewelry. ‘Micron’ may sound small, but our vermeil is five times thicker than average gold-plating and much more durable — it’ll be with you for years to come.

Quality marks

All our jewelry is stamped with the 925 symbol — you may have seen this before and wondered what it means. It’s a seal of approval that each piece contains an extremely high proportion of pure silver: 925 parts to every 1,000!

How to take care of your #mfy pieces

With such fine materials, your jewelry likes to be well looked after (who doesn’t?). It’s not a fan of moisture, chemicals or extreme conditions so remember to:

  • remove your jewelry before hopping in the shower, taking a dip or getting especially sweaty (hot yoga anyone?)
  • store each piece somewhere safe when you’re not wearing it (the box it came in is ideal) and away from extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight. Live in a very humid place? Leave the sachet of silica gel crystals in the box to soak up excess moisture
  • make #mfy the final, finishing touch of your getting-ready routine. Put any perfumes, skincare and make-up on well in advance
  • keep your jewelry shining bright by cleaning it from time to time (we set an alert on our calendars every couple of months to help us remember!)
    • fine materials can be quite delicate and need gentle care — steer clear of hot water, chemicals and cleaners and don’t use paper towels or tissue paper as they can cause scratching
    • a clean, soft, slightly damp cloth is all you need to keep gemstones looking their best (a glasses cloth is ideal)
    • for the precious metals, use a jewelry polishing cloth and rub in one direction to get it gleaming