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Halo vs. Solitaire – Which engagement ring style should you pick?

Solitaire vs Halo Engagement Rings

The appearance and style of the ring are always top priorities when it comes to engagement rings. After all, that will catch everyone's attention first. Choosing the ideal ring might be challenging because there are so many possible designs and settings. However, the solitaire and halo settings are two choices that continue to be well-liked by couples.

To help you choose which of these two possibilities is best for your special someone, we'll look at these two choices in greater detail.

What is a Solitaire Ring?

A solitaire ring, with one brilliant diamond as the focal point, is a traditional and timeless option for an engagement ring. It's the ideal choice for people who wish to highlight the beauty and brilliance of the diamond itself because of how easily the design lets the diamond take center stage.

The diamond is normally held in place in solitaire rings by four or six prongs, although there are other types of settings as well, such as bezel, tension, etc. The diamond may receive the most light possible in this kind of setting, which makes it glitter and shine. A solitaire ring is a common option for many due to its classic style, which also makes it adaptable and simple to match with other pieces of jewellery. Let’s take a closer look into solitaire settings now.

  • Look/Design

The clear, uncomplicated, and classic design of solitaire rings is well known. The ring's focal point is a single diamond that occupies the center and draws the eye there. Prong settings are common for diamond settings because they enable the most light to shine on the diamond and make it sparkle. The design's simplicity makes it adaptable and simple to mix with other jewelry.

  • History and Popularity

Since the late 1800s, solitaire engagement rings have been popular. The six-prong setting, which is now frequently associated with solitaire rings, was first introduced by the renowned jewelry manufacturer Tiffany & Co., who is credited with popularising it. Since then, they have continued to be a well-liked option among couples.

  • Symbolism

The solitaire ring's single diamond symbolizes the purity and eternal nature of love. The simplicity of the design also emphasizes the strength and singularity of the couple's commitment to each other.

  • Design Variations

A single diamond is put in a prong setting in classic solitaire rings, but several variations are gaining popularity. Some variations include the use of colorful gemstones as the center stone or diamond embellishments on the ring. These variants allow for customisation and give the traditional design a distinctive touch.

  • Durability

In general, solitaire rings are quite strong and suitable for daily wear. The diamond is set in a robust prong setting that can resist daily use's wear and tear.

  • Pricing

Solitaire rings vary in price depending on the quality of the diamond, the type of setting, and the metal used for the band. Generally, they can be found at a wide range of prices, from more affordable options to high-end luxury options.

  • Cons

One potential downside of solitaire rings is that the diamond is more exposed and therefore more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, the simplicity of the design may not appeal to everyone and some may prefer more elaborate designs.

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What is a Halo Setting?

A halo setting is a type of engagement ring setting where a central diamond is surrounded by smaller diamonds called "halos", creating a ring that sparkles from every angle, giving it a bigger look.

Halo settings come in a variety of styles and configurations, and can be set in different types of metal and shapes of diamonds. Let’s take a closer look into halo settings now.

  • Look/Design

A halo ring is a setting that features a central diamond surrounded by a "halo" of smaller diamonds, creating a ring that shines from all angles. The halo of diamonds adds an extra layer of brilliance and dimension to the ring.

  • History and Popularity

Halo rings have a long history, with vintage-inspired designs remaining popular among couples today. The popularity of halo ring settings continues to remain high as it allows a bigger look and feel of the ring without the high cost that comes with a big center stone.

  • Symbolism

Halo rings symbolize the idea of eternity and the everlasting love of a couple. The ring's sparkling halo represents the couple's commitment to each other, shining and never fading.

  • Design Variations

Halo rings come in a variety of styles and designs, from traditional and classic to more unique designs such as star or flower patterns, double halo, etc. These variations allow for personalization and make the ring truly unique.

  • Durability

Halo rings can be suitable for everyday wear as long as proper care is taken. The design can be more delicate due to the smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone, so it's important to be mindful of daily wear and tear.

  • Pricing

Halo rings can vary in price, with the cost of the ring being affected by the quality of the diamonds used in the halo and center stone, as well as the type of metal used.

  • Cons

One potential downside of halo rings is that the smaller diamonds in the halo are more exposed and therefore more vulnerable to damage. Additionally, some people may prefer a simpler design and may find the halo to be too elaborate.

Final Verdict: Which one should you pick?

The choice between a solitaire and halo setting for an engagement ring comes down to personal preference. With a solitary diamond taking center stage, solitaire rings are renowned for their traditional and timeless style. They are also adaptable and simple to wear with other pieces of jewelry.

Halo rings, on the other hand, have a core diamond that is encircled by a halo of lesser diamonds, giving the illusion that the ring is larger and sparkling from all sides. The halo setting can be found in a wide range of distinctive patterns and styles. Everyone has different preferences, so there is no one setting that is better than the other.

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What is the main difference between halo and solitaire?

The main difference between a halo and a solitaire ring is that a halo ring features a central diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds, while a solitaire ring has a single diamond as its centerpiece.

Are halo engagement rings more expensive than solitaire?

Halo engagement rings can vary in price depending on the quality of the diamonds used and the type of metal used, therefore it’s not always the case that halo rings will be more expensive than solitaire rings.

What does a solitaire engagement ring symbolize?

A solitaire engagement ring symbolizes the purity and eternal nature of love, and emphasizes the strength and singularity of the couple’s commitment to each other.


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