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Say Yes to Our Top 5 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Top 5 Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

No matter how long you’ve been together, buying an engagement ring is a major step. Not only is it a major purchase for most, but choosing the right one can easily seem intimidating. There are so many options available that sometimes just thinking about what she will like can be intimidating.

However, after use studied her jewelry collection and thought about her sense of style, the process will be much easier. For most people, the shape of the center diamond is an important starting point. That center stone can, after all, be the only diamond on the entire ring. When there are side or accident stones, however, the main stone still sets the tone for the rest of the design.

In this article, we will look at the emerald cut diamond. This is a scholastic choice, but it also has some advantages and disadvantages you should think about. Finally, we’ll consider some of our favorite emerald cut diamond ring options here at With Clarity.

What Is An Emerald Cut Diamond?

An emerald cut diamond is a diamond that’s been cut in the shape of a rectangle, with beveled cut-off corners. Typically, people choose a stone that has a markedly rectangular shape, typically at a ratio between 1.4 and 1.6. This ratio results in a diamond where the long sides are approximately half again the length of the short sides, which is a very pleasing aesthetic. Facets are made in a step cut formation, which means that the overall cut features parallel facets, especially at the top.

Emerald cut diamonds were first developed in the 14th century when diamond cutters realized that the traditional step cut used for emerald gemstones looked great on diamonds too. Originally, gem cutters developed this design for cutting emeralds because they were easy to make in green emeralds, which are fragile and can break easily.

As with emerald stones, an emerald cut diamond has very durable corners. That’s because the corners are cut off rather than being left sharp. Cutting a diamond this way also produces a gem that has much less sparkle while still looking very elegant. This is one reason why emerald cuts are very popular in vintage and vintage-style jewelry. And as the vintage look has become more popular, so have emerald cut diamond engagement rings.

What Should You Consider When Buying One?

From a buying perspective, there are several considerations with emerald cuts. The process of cutting wastes less of the original diamond crystal, which reduces the cost of an emerald cut diamond relative to its carat weight.

However, the facets of an emerald cut can showcase the diamonds color and clarity. In practice, that means emerald cut diamonds are more likely to show their inclusions, and a stone with more of a yellow tinge probably won’t hide it, either. That means you should consider buying a higher quality time and if you go with an emerald cut. This can easily negate any savings from the carat weight advantage.

Of course, if you want to save money you can also buy a lab created stone. These look just as nice as their natural counterparts, yet come with a lower price tag. Either way, she can wear a lovely emerald cut diamond ring at an affordable price.

The Best Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings From With Clarity

At With Clarity, we think emerald cut diamond engagement rings are beautiful. So, we have designed some really nice settings that showcase the spectacular beauty of this diamond shape. Here are some of our favorites.

Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditional Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

This one is a scholastic solitaire design with a few pave diamonds on the shank. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this emerald cut engagement ring setting is that you can put diamonds as small as a quarter of a carat into it or one as large as 10. In other words, you can have very different emerald cut diamond engagement rings out of this setting. Plus, you get to pick almost any emerald cut diamond you want. For a vintage-inspired book, pick rose gold. Or, choose from any of our other options. Best of all, no matter what you pick, this diamond will look classic for life.

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

For a romantic three-stone design, check out this setting. It combines the magic of an emerald cut diamond ring with the romance of two pear cuts. Overall, the effect is a wide diamond in the center, with the glamour tapering off to a point at the tip of the pears. Even better, the pear cut diamonds are relatively large, at a quarter carat total. You can pick any metal color or type that we offer, and either way, she’ll look like a Hollywood star.

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

Vine Diamond Engagement Ring

A modern classic, this emerald cut diamond engagement ring has a more substantial appearance. The shank has two halves, which are intertwined like vines. Handle on one half of the vine, there are pave diamonds. This creates a nice mixture of texture, sparkle, and shine. All it needs is your choice of emerald cut diamond center to look stunning. Choose any of our metal options to make it yours.

Fine Line Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Fine Line Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

Petite and feminine, this Hidden Halo setting will show off the emerald cut diamond center. What’s especially nice about a Hidden Halo setting one emerald diamond engagement ring is that the Halo provides some extra sparkle. Then, the ring shank is left plain, so you can only focus on the diamonds itself. Choose a center stone up to 5 carats, and any of our metal choices. She’s sure to love this modern classic.

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Swaying Split Shank Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Featuring a half pave, half brilliant swaying shank, this Halo style ring is glittering with side stones. If she loves Halo engagement rings and a dramatic style, this one just might be perfect. We especially love how the diamond-studded setting contrasts with the ones that are stated elegance of the emerald cut diamond it frames. Best of all, this setting can handle many different center diamond sizes.

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Final Thoughts

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring will forever be a classic and glamorous option. The emerald cut is one of the oldest ways to facet a rough diamond and make it shine. Perhaps it’s no surprise, therefore, that it’s continued to be a beautiful option for centuries. But that doesn’t mean that your emerald cut diamond ring has to be boring. Rather, a modern setting can add some glamour to a timeless classic.


What’s special about an emerald cut diamond?

Many people love how the emerald cut diamond shines more than sparkles. This gives a timeless appearance to any ring, and also showcases the quality of a fine diamond.

Which is better emerald cut or round diamond?

Whichever one you prefer. It’s a bit harder to choose the right emerald cut diamond, but it’s just as beautiful as the round. Besides, a good gemologist can help you find the diamond of your dreams.

Is emerald cut diamond more expensive than others?

No, it’s actually a bit cheaper by carat weight than a round brilliant. However, this lower per-carat cost is offset somewhat by the need to buy a higher-quality diamond.

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