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Wedding Favors Dos and Don’ts

Wedding Favors Dos and Don’ts

A wedding favor is a small gift given by newlyweds to their guests as a token of appreciation for being a part of their special day. It’s an old tradition that has been around for a while, although the gifts have changed.

Wedding favors for guests can be given anytime during the entire wedding celebration, whether it’s a bridal party or the wedding reception. And while everyone present for the special day typically receives the same gift, the younger and older guests (children and grandparents) may be given a special gift.

You can give a gift according to your budget or even skip it altogether. But, if you do plan on having wedding party favors, here’s a brief guide to help you understand the dos and don’ts of wedding favors as well as a list of some fun wedding favor ideas you can take inspiration from.

Basic Dos and Don’ts of a Wedding Favor

Before we move on to exploring some wedding party favors ideas, let’s first understand the basic rules involved. While deciding on a wedding guest favors, there are certain things that a couple must keep in mind. As these gifts are a token of appreciation, you want them to be cherished and not discarded.

The gift must be a beautiful reminder for your guest, something that will bring happy memories of your special day. It must be thoughtful and need not be expensive. Many people also like to give personalized wedding favors to add a touch of uniqueness.

Here are some dos and don’ts to help you out.


Opt For Something That Will Be Practical and Useful To the Receiver

Wedding favors like food, soaps, or even coasters are practical. Guests love such gifts and you know your gift will be put to use. On the other hand, gifts that are used in pairs like a set of wine glasses or something too personalized with the couple’s name will probably never get out of the cupboard.

Figure Out How You Plan To Distribute Them

You wouldn’t want to personally go to every single guest and give them your gift, nor would you like to make your guests stand in a row to receive one. A better idea is to leave these useful wedding favors in the guest’s chair or on a table at the exit.

Make Sure the Favor is Weather-Appropriate (Especially for Edible Gifts)

Chocolate gifts for a summer wedding are a strict no-no! The chocolate will melt and ruin the design and can even get messy.

Try to Make it Personal

There is no limit to wonderful personalized gift ideas. You can even choose one to complement your relationship, such as where you met. These items are mostly going to be keepsakes for your guests, so make sure you add a personal note.

Consider Donating To a Charity in Your Guests Name

Donating to a charity that’s close to your heart can be a wonderful way to make your guests a part of something special. You can let your guests know about it by placing a note at each table or not announcing it altogether. It is up to you.

Match With Your Wedding Theme

Why not match your wedding favors to the wedding theme? If you have a nature/forest-themed wedding, rustic wedding favors would be wonderful. You can look into gifting your guests a potted plant or succulent wedding favors.

Research Online To Decide What Type of Wedding Favor Will Perfectly Fit the Bill

The internet can solve all our problems. So, refer to it for this one as well. Look up ideas that will perfectly fit the bill and personalize it further if you want to gift more unique wedding favors.


Don’t Overspend: If You Have a Tight Budget, Skip the Favors Completely

You want your guests to love your gift but not by putting yourself in debt. Make sure you pick something within your budget or just skip this custom completely.

If You’re Opting for Edible Favors, Don’t Forget to List the Ingredients

Edible favors are the most popular wedding favors. But, it’s nearly impossible to personalize them according to each guest’s health requirement. So, if you do decide to gift edible favors, include a complete ingredient list so the guests can check for allergies or other food restrictions.

Avoid Opting for Purely Decorative Favors

Decorative favors are beautiful, but most of them are of no use. They are the ones most often discarded by guests. Your choice of decoration may not match your guests’ style and they would rather not have it.

Do Not Make It So Personalized That It May Not Be Of Use to Anyone

Don’t gift something like wine glasses with your name engraved on them. No one would like that. Also, avoid writing long quotes on the gift itself; you can send a separate note of gratitude.

Do Not Ever Brag

Bragging about gifts is just tacky. No one likes being told how much they’ve spent on your gift.

Top 5 Wedding Favors That You Can’t Go Wrong With

1. Candies/Chocolates

Loved by everyone from kids to adults, sweets like chocolate or candy wedding favors or even cookie wedding favors are among the most common and preferred options. You can even personalize it by writing your names on the wrapping paper.

2. Candles

Candle wedding favors are simple and elegant. You can make them more interesting by having candles in different scents. Guests can even exchange them to get their preferred scents, and you can be assured your favor will be put to good use.

3. Soaps

Who doesn’t use one? Soaps are also easy to wrap in unique ways. If you are worried about your guest’s skin sensitivity, you can choose hypoallergenic and fragrance-free options.

4. Mints

A tin of mints at every guest table is a classic wedding favor gift. They will probably be finished by the end of the day, so you don’t have to worry about your gift being discarded.

5. Hand Fans

Perfect for summer weddings, they are mostly for the comfort of your guests. And you’ll even see your guests using them throughout the event.


There is a wide array of ideas for wedding favors that you can look into. But, the best wedding favors will always be those that are useful or meaningful for both you and your guests.

Just remember, a wedding favor is not a necessity. You can always skip it. You also don’t have to spend too much.

Think simple and sweet — that’s the perfect wedding favor!


Is it mandatory to have wedding favors?

No, it is not at all mandatory to have a wedding favor. If it does not fit in your wedding budget or just isn’t something you feel is right for your wedding, you can completely skip this tradition.

When should you buy wedding favors?

It will depend upon the type of favor that you are giving. If your wedding favor ideas include edible gifts, you cannot prepare them too much in advance as they will spoil. However, for favors like candles or soaps, you can keep them ready about a week or so in advance.

Do guests look forward to wedding favors?

Not really. Guests are mostly there to share your happiness with you. While they will definitely cherish whatever you gift them, wedding favors are not expected and is not what they are looking forward to.

Whose name comes first in wedding favors?

Some cultures follow the “ladies first” rule, some others have the name of the groom first. But, it is mostly up to the couple.