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Our Favorite Oval Ring Styles for 2022

Oval Ring Styles for 2022

It’s undeniable that rings are one of the more popular jewelry items both for men and women. From the engagement ring and the wedding band to the promise ring and rings designed for daily wear, they aren’t likely to fade in popularity any time soon. With rings designed for many different occasions and applications, naturally, there are many designs and styles from which you get to choose. Ultimately, one of the characteristics that you have the most control over is gemstone shape. From princess cut to square and emerald cut, you can find gemstones in many different shapes.

If you’re familiar with jewelry, then you are likely aware of the popularity of the oval-cut gemstone. As one of the most highly sought-after gemstone shapes, you’ll find jewelry shops with everything from oval engagement rings to oval wedding rings in all varieties of metals.

Oval rings are popular among jewelry fans for various reasons. First, their unique shape offers a visually appealing statement that makes them ideal for wedding and engagement rings. Not only that, this smart shape offers a great deal of durability for long-term wear. The shape itself promotes an elongated appearance that slims the finger while giving off the impression of greater stone size. With so many unique benefits, it’s easy to see why the oval diamond ring is so beloved.

Types of Oval Gems

Whether you’re seeking an oval engagement ring with wedding band or rose gold oval engagement rings, you’ll notice there are many gemstones from which to choose. Depending on both your budget and the occasion at hand, you may wish to choose one or the other. While there are many stones featured in oval rings, the following are some of the most popular.

Oval Diamond: When it comes to the oval diamond engagement ring and oval diamond wedding ring, these are the most common choices among consumers. Why? For starters, the diamond is a classic choice that has long been used for wedding and engagement purposes. Second, diamonds are rare and undeniably distinct, making them one of the most highly valued stones among collectors.

Oval Moissanite: With a unique sparkle reminiscent of diamonds, moissanite offers a luxurious yet affordable option. When looking at an oval moissanite engagement ring, you’ll immediately notice its impressive shine and likeness to the more expensive diamond. That is why this stone has become such a popular choice among the more budget-conscious in recent times.

Oval Ruby: While rubies are not often spotted on engagement and wedding rings, this stone is steadily increasing in popularity for several reasons. First, the ruby is believed to nurture love and passion in a relationship. With a name that means stone of nobility, it’s easy to see why this particular gemstone represents romance to some. So, whether you’re seeking an oval solitaire engagement ring or a vintage oval engagement ring, take a second to consider rubies instead of diamonds.

Top Oval Ring Styles to Consider

Are you looking for the most popular oval ring styles? Look no further because we’ve got you covered.

Our Most-Loved Oval Engagement Rings

Vintage Oval Engagement Ring

Vintage Oval Engagement Ring

There’s just something undeniably romantic about vintage jewelry. That’s why vintage oval engagement rings are so popular among people of all ages. From filigree styles to rose gold oval engagement rings, this style offers a unique approach to those looking to ignore tradition. Available in 14 and 18KT white, yellow, or rose gold, you have the ability to make this ring even more unique with complete customizability. With a flower and leaf-shaped motif, this vintage oval engagement ring stands apart from the rest, making it the perfect choice for women that appreciate individuality.

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring or Classic Four Prong East West Engagement Ring boasts a classic design available in 14 and 18KT white, yellow, or rose gold. Simple in its design, this ring features a .25-10-carat oval cut diamond that is perfect for saying I love you without speaking the words. With the East-West style setting seen on this ring, it easily stands apart from the rest of the oval solitaire engagement rings on the market.

Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Available in 14 or 18KT white, yellow, or rose gold, the Oval Halo Engagement Ring features a thin band with a singular oval cut diamond. While it is simple in its design, boasting the appearance of a classic, sophisticated engagement ring–it can easily be made to look more elaborate with the addition of a band. Its main stone is surrounded by tiny diamonds for enhanced shine and comes in various carat sizes ranging from .4 to 10-carats. Consider this option for someone who enjoys a bit of spiced-up tradition.

Oval Gemstone Rings

Oval Ruby Ring

Oval Ruby Ring

The 14KT white gold Oval Ruby Ring puts a fresh spin on the typical engagement ring. Available in .5, 1, 1.5, and 2 carats, this ring can be customized to make any woman happy. Beyond its lovely center set oval cut ruby, the band itself is fitted with expertly set diamonds guaranteed to sparkle for many years to come. Naturally, this unique selection is great for those who don’t care for diamonds or those who like to stand out.

Oval Aquamarine Ring

Oval Aquamarine Ring

The Oval Aquamarine Ring or Classic Four Prong East West Aquamarine Ring is one of the most unique oval engagement rings on this list. Its East-West setting features an oval-cut aquamarine stone set on its side for a memorable, meaningful appearance. Perfect for those with unique tastes, this ring is available in white, yellow, or rose gold, allowing you to customize it and make it even more special. With a thin band, the aquamarine is truly the star of the show here.

Oval Amethyst Ring

Oval Amethyst Ring

Designed with a beautiful, deep purple, oval-cut amethyst, and diamond studded band, the elegance and striking beauty of this ring cannot be denied. Available in white, yellow, and rose gold with a stone ranging in size between .5 and 2 carats, this is another unique selection that proves ideal for women who appreciate individuality. Because it’s easy to customize, this ring allows you to express your love, commitment, and thoughtfulness.

What to Consider When Shopping for Oval Rings


When shopping for oval rings, you want to keep your budget in mind before moving forward. Once you’ve determined exactly how much you can spend, you’ll be able to decide which type of metal is best for you. From there you can choose your design, gemstones, and more before making your purchase.

If you’re on a tight budget but would prefer a jewelry item with diamonds, consider opting for lab diamonds or moissanites–the equally beautiful but affordable option.

Your Personal Style

Are you looking to buy oval rings you can comfortably wear for years to come? To ensure you get the results you desire, make sure you keep your style in mind. Only then can you choose the perfect gift that you’ll not only appreciate but also love.


When shopping for any jewelry item, quality is the name of the game. So, before purchasing oval rings, make sure they’re coming from a reputable brand that offers returns/exchanges. That way, if you have any issues with your item, you can either return or exchange it.


  • Are Oval Rings Still in Style?

Both round and oval gemstones were a classic right from the get-go. Since oval rings offer numerous benefits, including slimming the finger and promoting the appearance of a larger stone, they are unlikely to go out of style any time soon.

  • What Does an Oval Ring Represent?

Oval rings represent both uniqueness and individuality. From the oval moissanite ring to oval halo engagement rings, this style of gemstone is said to celebrate fertility, rebirth, and family.

  • Do Oval Diamonds Look Good?

Oval diamonds feature a slender body that creates a beautiful, elongated appearance. As such, they are one of the most popular oval gemstones.

  • Is an Oval Diamond a Good Choice for an Engagement Ring?

An oval diamond is a perfect choice for an engagement ring. In the end, oval diamond engagement rings offer a unique, individualistic appearance without sacrificing the shine you expect out of a diamond.