Are Purple Diamonds Real? Here's What You Need to Know About Them

Are Purple Diamonds Real? Here's What You Need to Know About Them

For centuries, purple has been recognized as the color of royalty. Many nobles proudly don purple clothing and accessories, and display purple décor throughout their royal quarters. Some royal court members go so far as to have crafted purple jewels and/or jewelry made for special royal events and addresses to the people of the land they rule. How? They certainly would have little use for any of the numerous shades of artificially colored gemstones, of course. These precious, and pricey, pieces of jewelry are made from naturally formed purple diamonds.

What is a purple diamond?

All naturally colored diamonds are the product of certain minerals with which they come in contact during formation, gasses beneath the earth, or other foreign materials that appear or form near the raw diamond’s development location. Purple diamonds are no exception to this rule. To get a naturally colored purple diamond, rough diamond ore must be exposed to high concentrations of hydrogen as it forms. The longer the hydrogen is present near the raw diamond, and the higher the hydrogen concentration levels, the deeper its purple tint will become.

Other names for purple diamonds

Like other naturally colored diamonds, purple diamonds also often go by other names, depending on the jeweler, region and marketing. Natural purple diamonds are also known as grape diamonds, orchid diamonds, and plum diamonds, to name a few. Or, for the ones with lighter purple hues, there are names such as lilac or mauve diamonds.

purple diamond ring on white background

Origin of purple diamonds

Although purple diamonds have been found on traveling merchants, in various jewelry shops and retail stores all over the world for centuries, the places from which they are derived are very few. In fact, reports and stats indicate that 100% natural purple diamonds originate solely from diamond mines located in Canada, Russia and Australia.

True natural purple diamonds account for about 1% of all diamonds mined from Serbia, Canada and Australia. Therefore, they run a close second in rarity to the natural red diamonds. However, their rarity has little effect on their growing popularity. According to stats presented by jewelry retailers, private jewelers and gemstone professionals, these diamonds, and jewelry made from the lavender stones, are in the top three most popular gems in the diamond class, and in the top 10 most sought-after gemstones.

Their popularity continues to rise; within the last two years, jewelry stores and professionals have nearly doubled the sales and shipments of loose purple diamonds and jewelry made with them. The number of people who claim to be diamond collectors is on the rise, as is the number of collectors who seek these stones specifically in purple, lavender, lilac, and plum hues.

Things to consider when shopping for purple diamonds

As with any kind of jewelry shopping, searching for purple diamonds and purple diamond jewelry, whether it be earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets, is a delicate process. The type of woman for whom you are buying the purple diamond jewelry plays a big part in which one(s) you choose. Consider your special lady’s lifestyle: her hobbies, job, personal interests and, especially, favorite (and least favorite) colors. Getting a mauve purple diamond for a woman who despises the color pink could be a detrimental mistake to your relationship!

Budget is another thing to keep in mind when shopping for purple diamonds. The lighter diamonds (those with less true purple saturation throughout the diamond), the ones that aren’t quite as “flawless” as others within this category, and those with hints of brown or blue hues in the stone will likely be less expensive than solid (having deeper true purple saturation) or darker purple diamonds with fewer inclusions, or flaws.

Are you in need of loose purple diamonds to take to someone who can craft unique, custom jewelry? Do you want premade jewelry made with the gorgeous natural purple gemstones? Do some research and make your decision before you start your actual shopping adventure. Knowing exactly what you need, how many, and when you need it, will save you a great deal of time and pain while you shop!

Popular jewelry types

Purple engagement rings and wedding band sets are becoming more popular, as the demand for these naturally colored gemstones continues to rise. Their symbolic links to royalty, honor, courage, strength and loyalty make them great gemstones for anniversary, high school graduation or 18th birthday, and baby shower gifts.

Square or round-cut diamond tennis bracelets are a fan favorite among jewelry made from the natural purple gemstones. Tear drop shaped earrings and matching necklaces, usually set within 14ct white or yellow gold, are also quite popular. Princess cut white gold rings, round cut yellow gold rings and bracelets, and silver or white gold heart-shaped jewelry is also sweeping women off their feet more and more each year.