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Two-Tone Anniversary Bands

Two-Tone Anniversary Bands

It’s important to celebrate every relationship milestone, and a thoughtful way to celebrate is by gifting an anniversary band. It lets your partner know how much they mean to you, and it’s a lovely way to memorialize an important anniversary. You can find anniversary bands in many different styles–from simple to more extravagant looks. A current trend is a two-tone anniversary band that combines two unique metals in a vogue design. If you’re looking for a place to start researching anniversary bands, then simply keep reading to learn more about popular two-tone rings.

What are Two-Tone Anniversary Bands?

Two-tone refers to two different metals in one design. You typically see white gold and yellow gold in two-tone rings, but there are other designs like rose and white gold, or rose and yellow gold. You’ll see solely metal two-tone anniversary bands as well as ones that are adorned with diamonds or other gemstones.

Most want a ring that’s unique and you won’t see on other people, and two-tone rings have many benefits. Two-tone rings are a great way to have a visually appealing, unique ring that is classy and looks different than the rest. Plus, two-tone rings go well with anything in your wardrobe and are always in style.

An additional benefit is that you don’t have to settle on one metal. Instead, you can pick two of your favorite metals for a unique, eye-catching two-tone design. It’s also a good option if there are two metals that you like–you can combine the romantic vibe of rose gold with the bright sophistication of white gold or the warmth of yellow gold.

Two-Tone Anniversary Band Designs

While it’s helpful to talk about two-tone rings, it’s also interesting to hear how some designs combine two metals. We gathered some of our favorite rings so you can see varying design examples.

  • Intertwined Two-Tone Bands

Intertwining metals is a good way to showcase the two tones, so you’ll see the two woven together in some designs. It represents two individuals coming together as one and weaving a life together. Two are stronger than one!

  • Nature Inspired Two-Tone Band

This type of design easily combines two metals into a flattering, unique design. Think flowers, leaves, vines, etc. that can easily incorporate metals that complement each other. It represents two coming together as one beautiful pairing.

  • Diamond Studded Channel Set Two-Tone Band

Another popular design is a band that has an interlaid band of another metal in the middle of the band. This design represents two becoming one. Some feature extra gemstones or diamonds, like channel-set diamonds. Two tones and gemstones are an amazing combo!

  • Scroll Pattern Two-Tone Band

A scroll pattern is an interesting, beautiful way to incorporate another metal into an anniversary band. Some feature milgrain detail to add some extra flair to the band. The two metals represent the two of you in a relationship that are both different but come together to share their lives.

  • Two Tone Band Featuring Three Stone Diamonds

Another combo that works well for anniversary bands is a three-stone two-tone anniversary ring. This design carries meaning because the three stones represent the past, present, and future. Each metal represents an individual in the relationship who come together as one.

Two-Tone Anniversary Band Buying Tips

Before you dive into shopping for anniversary bands, keep the following tips in mind

  • If you want gold, you’ll want to know the difference between 14k and 18k gold. It’s important to note that gold’s karatage refers to the percentage of pure gold in the alloy. So 18k gold contains 75% gold and 14k gold contains 58.3% gold. You’ll see a lot of 14k gold jewelry because the higher percentage of included alloyed metals provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear.

  • If you plan to stack your rings, select a style that complements your other rings (engagement rings and wedding bands). Anniversary bands are a great piece that can be worn on its own or as a stackable set.

  • If you’re watching your budget carefully, consider an anniversary band that features lab-made diamonds or moissanite for a more affordable option to earth-mined diamonds.

  • Customer service and the brand reputation is important. Do your research by reading reviews and looking at different brands and their return policies.


  • What does a two-tone ring represent?

Two-tone rings represent two lives coming together to live as one. Two are stronger together than they are as one, and the two metals make the ring stronger when they’re combined.

  • Do two-tone rings feature real gold?

Yes, two-tone rings feature real gold that’s typically 14k or 18k. You’ll see different combinations of gold (white, yellow, and rose) in chic ways. Consider combining the romantic vibe of rose gold with the bright sophistication of white gold or the warmth of yellow gold.

  • Are two-tone rings popular?

Two-tone rings are extremely popular. They combine two different-colored metals in a unique way. They’re eye-catching designs and work well for the person who likes the contrast of two metals (or for those who can’t decide between two metals). Anniversary bands work well as stackable rings, such as engagement rings and wedding bands.

  • What metals are used in two-tone rings?

Two-tone rings typically feature yellow and white gold, but you'll find additional options available, such as rose gold with yellow gold and rose with white gold. These rings go with everything in your closet as well as other jewelry because they combine two metals in a flattering way.