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Best Yellow Gold Promise Rings

Best Yellow Gold Promise Rings

A promise ring is a little different from a traditional engagement ring. This ring symbolizes the promise to take a relationship seriously and support one partner through thick and thin. Gifting a promise ring to your loved one is also a way to say that you will try to develop the relationship you have.

You can present a simple promise ring to your partner while you’re still dating them to take your relationship further. Promise rings have been popular since ancient times. These bands date back to the Romans, where brides wore it to indicate they would marry soon. Some ancient civilizations also used the promise ring to commit to living their entire life with their partners.

Now, the tradition of wearing a promise ring like yellow gold promise rings is making a comeback. People use it to commit to their partner without getting married to help them feel safe and loved.

Promise Rings and Metals

Promise rings are available in different metals like silver, platinum, palladium, white gold, and yellow gold. Each type is significant, with the yellow gold promise rings being the most stunning. The catchy and gorgeous shine of the metal can attract anyone’s attention from afar, allowing you to get lots of praise for your choice.

A yellow gold diamond ring looks great with plenty of dresses. From formal to casual attire, everything goes well with these bands. Most importantly, gold rings don't rust or corrode easily. These promise rings won't lose their color for a long time and have lasting beauty that can only increase with time. Yellow gold rings are also great assets that become more valuable over time.

Top Yellow Gold Diamond Promise Rings to Gift Your Loved Ones

Planning to purchase 14K gold promise rings? Well, when you’re investing so much on an expensive ring, why not choose a unique and chic design to impress your partner? Here are some exquisite and sophisticated promise rings for women.

Classic Solitaire Promise Ring with East-West Set Emerald Cut Diamond

Classic Solitaire Promise Ring with East-West Set Emerald Cut Diamond

Does your partner love solitaire designs? This Classic Four Prong East West Engagement Ring is a perfect option for them. The ring comes with an emerald-cut diamond fixed firmly on a prong. Due to the emerald cut, the diamond is pretty noticeable from a distance. Your partner can wear these 14K gold promise rings on special occasions or while doing everyday tasks.

Braided Yellow Gold Promise Ring

Braided Yellow Gold Promise Ring

Are you looking for a solitaire ring that has a little more detail? Braided Solitaire Wedding Bands are an ideal solitaire ring with a twisting shank. It creates an appealing and classy look yet keeps the ring simple and elegant. The gallery rail and prong on this ring keep the center stone in place, which keeps it from falling.

Vintage Inspired Celtic Heart Promise Ring

Vintage Inspired Celtic Heart Promise Ring

Vintage designs never go out of fashion, same as this Vintage Celtic Heart Engagement Ring. This yellow gold promise ring comes with dramatic embellishments on the ring's shank. The appealing heart details give you a distinct design. Also, side stones and center stones give a rich appeal to the ring. So, if your loved one is a fan of exquisite design, it's an ideal option.

Filigree Pattern Yellow Gold Promise Ring

Filigree Pattern Yellow Gold Promise Ring

Filigree promise rings are very detailed and feature a very attractive design. If you’re looking for solitaire rings with filigree patterns, this Scroll Solitaire Diamond Band is an ideal option. The big center diamond and intricate filigree pattern make the ring more extravagant and classy. Despite having intense designs, the wearer will not feel irritated and uncomfortable while wearing it.

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Factors to Choose Yellow Gold Promise Rings

Have you decided to gift a yellow gold diamond ring to the love of your life? If yes, here are some factors you need to remember to make the right choice.


Promise rings are available in a range of styles like solitaire, twisted ring design with accent diamonds, or rings with milgrain detailing. Opt for the one that looks good in your loved one's hand and also based on what they prefer.


Opt for a gemstone that not only adorns to the ring style but also symbolizes something. Therefore, giving a diamond ring is a perfect option, as it signifies love and commitment. But you can also go with other stones that come in your budget.

Gemstone Shape

Round, princess, cushion, emerald, etc.- there are many gemstone cuts and stones you can choose depending on what your partner will like. Generally, round shapes are popular for engagement rings. So if you’re looking to stand out, you can choose an alternative shape like a princess or cushion.

Accent Gems

Decide between with or without accent rings. Both types of rings look appealing- opt for the one based on your partner's preferences. Gemstone or diamonds are both sturdy choices for long term wear and provide excellent shine or color.

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Tips to Keep in Mind

Here are a few things that you need to consider while purchasing yellow gold diamond promise rings

  • You need to store promise rings in the soft cloth bag to prevent dust from collecting on it.
  • Clean the ring with a soft cloth if something gets on your ring.
  • Choose credible and reliable dealers to purchase quality rings.
  • Consider your partner's preferences before purchasing a promise ring.
  • If something gets stuck in the prong of your ring, contact the dealer for it.


What is The Difference between an Engagement and a Promise Ring?

An engagement ring symbolizes an individual’s commitment to get married, while a promise ring is a promise to stay with the partner for the foreseeable future.

Which Finger Should You Wear a Promise Ring on?

People commonly wear yellow gold rings on the middle or fourth finger of their right hand or the middle finger of their left hand.

How Long after Promise Ring do you get engaged?

Since a promise ring doesn't signify the promise to get engaged, you don’t have to rush. It’s simply an affirmation of your commitment to one another.