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Wedding Day Necklace Style Guide

Wedding Day Necklace

Now that you’re engaged, the wedding planning has begun. For many of us, this process is lengthy because we plan large parties with our family and friends. Some professionals even invite some favorite coworkers or business associates. That isn’t to mention the other spouse’s guests.

But family and friends aren’t the only attraction for most wedding attendees. After all, people talk about the bride’s outfit for a long time. Many brides want to surprise their fiancé with how beautiful they look, make a personalized fashion statement, or otherwise impress. Part of this process is choosing the right outfit, including wedding jewelry for the bride, that complements the dress. Let’s talk about some of the options available in 2022.

Wedding necklace options

Arguably, the most difficult piece of jewelry to find is a bridal necklace. Necklaces in general can take a boring dress or other outfit and turn the overall look into something special. Likewise, a necklace can take a fancy dress into a black tie spectacular. Depending on the overall look you’re trying to achieve with your wedding jewelry, there are many different options.

In particular, the right wedding necklace should complement the neckline of your dress. And while wearing a statement necklace might immediately seem like the best option, if your dress has a lot of embellishments that might not be wise. On the other hand, some dresses would look great with a gold statement necklace or well-matched wedding jewelry sets.

There are several necklace styles that can elevate your wedding look and provide a treasured heirloom.

Infinity pendants

Graced with the infinity symbol, these can be pendants or fixed-chain models. Most brides will choose one with round or princess diamonds, though a sapphire one would be lovely as a “something blue.” As a wedding necklace, they’re perfect for a bride who wants something beautiful that has the positive message of forever.

Better yet, these sit close to the neck and work well with most necklines. However, if you want to evoke romance, go with a princess neckline. Either way, a diamond pendant with simple drop earrings or fancier studs can complete the look.

Diamonds by the yard necklace

Brides that want something romantic will enjoy diamonds by the yard. These necklaces are always made of round diamonds, though you can choose any gold color. Different diamond sizes are also possible. Usually, each diamond is bezel set and connected with several inches of gold chain between each station. Choose larger diamonds for a bolder look, or smaller ones to keep it subtle. They’re extra special with any dress style that showcases bare shoulders, because it gives visual interest between the neck and chest.

Diamond halo pendant

Few things are as classic right now as a diamond pendant necklace with a halo design. You can get halo pendants with different colored stones in the middle. Diamond halo pendants come with round, princess, oval, emerald, and even marquise cut diamonds. Round diamonds are usually set into the halo regardless of center stone shape.

What we love about halo designs for your diamond pendant necklace gold selection is that they go with almost anything. After the wedding, you can wear them with a casual dress, a suit, and for an evening out. In addition, it’s hard to go wrong with these style-wise. Just make sure that you choose a chain length that showcases your pendant without letting it get hidden by the dress.

Diamond journey pendant

Most of us have seen these: the necklace with diamond pendant that has larger stones as you get closer to the bottom. These are a great symbol of the ongoing relationship between you and your intended spouse. Plus, you have a real diamond pendant that’s elegant enough to make a statement. Choose yellow or white gold to match your other jewelry.

Because this wedding gold necklace design is longer, it’s great for lower necklines like a v-neck or sweetheart. Think about these as a nice combination with a tiara and medium-sized chandelier or drop earrings.

Tennis necklace

Finally, there’s the always-classic tennis necklace. The tennis design is made of many stones set in a straight line from one end of the necklace (or bracelet) to the other. In fact, you can get both a bracelet and necklace to make lovely wedding jewelry sets. Because this is a versatile design, you can get them in many different sizes, and in any type of stone you can imagine.

For a stunning look, consider a diamond tennis necklace on your wedding day. These are especially nice with strapless dress designs, though an off-the-shoulder or deep neckline can also work. The idea is to sparkle all the way down the aisle towards the person of your dreams.

Wedding jewelry metals

Generally speaking, you can make a wedding necklace out of any metal you’d choose for engagement rings. However, the considerations are a bit different because you won’t wear it every day. In addition, you should consider your overall look and any other jewelry when making your selection.

White gold

A classic choice for a lot of diamond jewelry, white gold is an alloy that contains a lot of silver and, often, nickel. Jewelers and consumers love it because the white color showcases the sparkle of diamonds, especially if they have a high color grade. However, if you’re allergic to nickel then you should avoid this selection-some people have reactions when something is worn even for a short time. White gold is usually better for people with a cool or pale skin tone.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is also an alloy, as pure gold is both expensive and difficult to work with. In addition, the yellow gleam of all gold types gives off a warm vibe that can provide your outfit with a vintage feel. People also love yellow gold for colored stones. If you have a warm or neutral-toned complexion, then yellow gold might be for you.

Whichever gold color you prefer ordinarily, it’s usually best to have all your wedding jewelry in the same tone. This way, everything will look more consistent.

Selection tips

Besides what you like, consider these selection tips for the perfect wedding jewelry:

· Think about the season. For instance, you probably won’t wear a strapless dress in the dead of winter, even if you have a wrap for outside. When necklines are high and sleeves longer, a diamond pendant is usually the best choice. Simply choose the chain length that will best showcase your pendant.

· If you have a lower neckline, you have more room for a bold statement. To that end, a statement necklace or a tennis necklace can be the star of the show. If you want something simpler, diamonds by the yard or your grandmother’s pearls will do well.

· Consider your overall look. A single pendant or other simple necklace are great for a toned-down look. On the other hand, if you want fancy everything or have a full skirt, consider a bolder look. You can achieve this with a statement diamond necklace or with several necklaces. For the second option, select jewelry with similar styles and the same gold color.

Overall, the goal is to have your jewelry and wedding dress complement each other. Consider experimenting with different looks to find something you'll love.


What necklace will look best with a strapless dress?

Strapless dresses are very versatile and can look great with almost any jewelry. However, for understated elegance, consider a tennis necklace. These draw attention to your face and neck.

Does the wedding necklace have to match the earrings?

No, but the necklace and earrings should look nice together. Typically, you’ll choose the same stone shapes and gold color even when you don’t buy multiple jewelry pieces as a wedding set.

Which metal color will best suit a white wedding gown?

You can go either way with this, so long as you’re consistent. If your wedding dress has silver or gold accents, pick the same one for jewelry. Otherwise, pick whatever looks nicest on you.Can a diamond necklace be worn every day? Yes. Diamond necklaces are highly versatile and can be worn every day. Just choose a necklace that complements your outfit.