With Clarity vs. Ritani

With Clarity vs. Ritani

You'll likely find hundreds of results if you search for a diamond ring on the web. There is no shortage of options when it comes to buying fine jewelry, both online and in-person. Ritani may be a name that you've come across along with With Clarity.

With Clarity is a great choice to consider, both for special pieces like engagement rings or everyday wear jewelry. Our story is essential to our brand. It's why we do things like we do and have so many happy customers who cannot help but share their experiences. We like to think we're a "true gem" in the jewelry business.

With Clarity values impressive quality at affordable prices. We were once in your position, shopping for an engagement ring. At first, we were mesmerized by all of our options. But when we got down to the nitty-gritty of choosing a ring, we weren't impressed with some of the brands' selections, diamond certifications, prices, and lack of customer service. We felt there had to be a better way, especially when purchasing something meaningful!

And so, With Clarity was born, first, as an idea to offer the advantages of in-person shopping but in an online setting. Then, as an operating company that provides customers a compassionate, genuine, and transparent fine jewelry shopping experience. Whether you're looking for natural diamonds, lab diamonds, or gemstones, With Clarity has a stunning selection of high-quality gems without the high markup. You can confidently shop knowing that all of our earth-mined diamonds are certified by GIA, and lab diamonds are certified by IGI.

At Home Preview

Plus, you don't have to worry about buying your engagement ring before trying your ring out. Ritani offers a similar model called "clicks to bricks." At Ritani, you can select a few pieces to have shipped to a local retailer so you can view them in person. However, we think there's a difference between viewing and actually trying a ring out.

With Clarity offers Home Preview. With Home Preview, you can choose two rings from our website, either custom designed or already crafted by our talented designers. Then, they'll be shipped directly to your house. You can look at them under different lighting, try them on, and maybe even complete some normal activities to see how your ring looks and feels. After three days, ship the rings back and decide if you're in love or still looking for the one.

A Wide Range of Products

Speaking of looking for the perfect diamond jewelry, you'll notice that we have an extensive selection. You can find diamonds of various cuts, sizes, and ratings. Shop our selection of loose gems or customize your own meaningful ring. While many other jewelry brands, like Ritani, offer both loose or set diamonds, our selection is truly expansive.

Confidence with Consultations and Customer Care

Don't worry about getting overwhelmed, though; we're here to help you every step of the way! You don't need to be a diamond expert to choose a breathtaking stone. Still, our expert gemologists can help you select a stunning gem that's also the best quality stone for your budget. Schedule an appointment to meet with a certified gemologist who can assist you in choosing the best lab diamond jewelry or earth-mined diamond jewelry with expert knowledge offered in a friendly and compassionate manner.

As diamond experts, we're passionate about fine jewelry, but we're also passionate about the people purchasing the fine jewelry. We know that this is often a huge decision, which is why we want to provide the best customer experience from start to finish; from picking a diamond and incorporating your unique story into the design of your jewelry to offering easy returns, free shipping, a lifetime warranty, and effortless financing. Ritani offers similar customer benefits, like returns.

However, when you read the Ritani reviews and With Clarity reviews to look at how many customers actually return their jewelry, it's not very many. Ultimately, the return policy isn't something to devote too much concern to. Especially if you find a brand that offers a phenomenal selection where you're sure to find something you'll love!

Returns Shipping Warranty Financing Resizing Communication
With Clarity 30 days Free shipping Lifetime With Clarity Credit Card + Affirm Free within 30 days of purchase A+
Ritani 30 days Free shipping Lifetime Synchrony Credit Card One free within first year of purchase A+

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Take Away

Ritani may or may not be the right choice for you; there are a lot of similarities between many online jewelry brands. Before you choose, we want to encourage you to consider all of your options.

With Clarity is composed of a passionate team focused on customer care, an unmatched selection of quality pieces, and affordability since the beginning. From our certified gemologists and expert designers to our compassionate customer care team, we're confident you'll have a seamless experience that'll make online jewelry shopping enjoyable and hassle-free!


  • What kind of jewelry does With Clarity sell?

With Clarity sells a vast collection of fine jewelry. You can choose your own loose natural or lab diamonds to create a custom engagement ring or choose from one of our expertly designed options. Additionally, we offer a selection of wedding bands as well as everyday pieces you'll love to show off.

  • Does With Clarity have real diamonds?

Yes, With Clarity offers both earth-mined natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. Our selection of natural diamonds contains a variety of options regarding cut, color, Clarity, and size so you can pick the perfect stone for your tastes and your budget.

  • Is With Clarity a reputable site?

Check out our reviews and Better Business Bureau rating! We'll let our customers do the talking, but we think our five-star reviews and our A+ BBB rating says it all.

  • What types of diamonds does With Clarity sell?

With Clarity offers both natural and lab diamonds. You can purchase them loose or already set into a lovely design. Search our offerings using our intuitive website to find the perfect size, color, cut, and Clarity of diamond for you.