Wedding bands

Wedding Rings for Women

Wedding Rings for Women

There are few better times in a woman’s life than the day of her wedding. There are so many important (and fun) things to take care of, plans to make, and friends to call and celebrate your approaching big day. And, of course, there is the wedding dress shopping; the most important component of any woman’s wedding day (even if you’re just having a small, simple ceremony, in many cases). Well, there might be one thing that is at LEAST AS important as the wedding dress, and it’s something else that women spend a great deal of time thinking about…

Did you guess it? It’s the wedding ring! It is the special thing that you will be exchanging with your partner on your big day, and it is something that you will likely be wearing for the rest of your life. It is how you will show the world that you have made that big commitment to the love of your life. So, shouldn’t you know a little bit more about them? After all, there is no such thing as knowing too much about something so important, right?

What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolize?

The history of the wedding ring is as vast and globally diverse as it is mysterious. By that, we mean that there are many theories and speculations as to how various cultures around the world viewed wedding rings. There are very few straightforward explanations or answers, and all of them change from one part of the world to another. The variety of answers to this question is so vast, in fact, that it is a mystery as to how we reached the significance placed on wedding bands today (more on that coming up)!

For example, there were once places in the world that used the wedding ring to remind the person wearing it of the promise they made to commit to one another. Specifically, they served as a reminder for the woman. Interesting fact: men did not always wear wedding rings. In fact, that tradition only began in more recent centuries (it did not become completely commonplace until the past hundred years in the U.S., according to some research). And, in some cultures, people did not wear rings at all! Some people felt that jewelry simply was not necessary to remind themselves (or to tell the world) that they were wed. It was all about fulfilling the promises made on the day they got married.

And here’s another thing… some people/cultures place the significance of the wedding ring on the shape of the ring (which is, of course, a circle), because a circle never ends. In fact, there is no beginning OR end. And that is exactly what everyone who gets married wants for their marriage: a solid bond with another person that goes on and on, until the end of time. Hence, the reason why the circle shape of wedding rings is so important. Some people, however, place more significance on the gemstone(s) used in the ring. Whether it be the color of the gemstone (i.e., pink/red for love, white or diamond for purity and strength in the marriage, etc.), the setting chosen, the design pattern of the gemstones, or the absence of gemstones altogether, for these people, it is the stone that makes the ring.

So, let’s forget about the confusion surrounding what wedding rings have symbolized throughout history (although it is certainly an interesting subject to research, indeed!). What does a wedding ring symbolize today? These days, wedding rings are not only commonplace, they are everywhere! They are the pinnacle of the marriage commitment, and they carry with them a great significance. Think, for example, of whether you know someone who accidentally lost their wedding ring. Did they completely panic? That is because wedding rings are so important to us in modern times! They are THE symbol of our love and promises to our spouses, and they are our announcement to the world that we have found our life partner.

How to Wear Your Wedding Ring

So, how DO you wear a wedding ring? On your finger, of course… right? Well, yes… and no. That is actually one of the most open-ended questions ever regarding wedding rings. And we will do our best to explain the answer concisely!

It seems that every woman you see is wearing her wedding/engagement ring set differently. Some women leave their rings exactly as they were placed on their wedding day, with the wedding band on top of the engagement ring, because the sentiment behind their partner slipping that ring on their finger means too much for them to change it. Other women adhere strictly to the tradition of wearing the wedding band beneath (or behind) the engagement ring, because that puts the wedding band closer to their hearts. Still other women remove the engagement ring from that finger in favor of wearing JUST the wedding band, choosing instead to put their engagement ring on their other ring finger, or to remove it from their attire altogether. So, to answer that question, it really is up to you, and the preferences of you and your partner.

Now, as far as the question of whether you MUST wear it on your left ring finger… well, no! Of course, that is the traditionally accepted finger on which to wear it in the modern society of this part of the world, as well as others. However, some cultures opt for the right ring finger, rather than the left one. Still others choose one of the other fingers… So, basically, it is whatever you and your partner are comfortable with! What matters is that what you do decide has special meaning to you and your partner!

What You Need to Know When Buying Your Wedding Ring

There are many things to consider when buying your wedding ring. We can’t stress enough how important your wedding ring is to beginning your life with your partner, or how crucial it is to know all you can learn about wedding rings. We have done our best to take the best, most relevant information, and condense it for you in this piece, just like we have done below.

If you are choosing your wedding ring for yourself, then ALL of the choices are up to you. You will be the one browsing rings and making decisions like whether you want a solitaire wedding ring, a pave wedding band, or a 14k gold wedding band (or any other type, metal or style, for that matter!). You will also be selecting your size (bear that in mind… there won’t be anyone to blame if you get the wrong size!). While you may have a discussion with your partner about what kind(s) both of you think would best suit you, it will ultimately be all up to you.

If your partner will be choosing your wedding ring for you, or if the two of you are ring shopping together, think about whether matching rings are of interest to you, if they’re not, if you already have some idea of what you’re looking for, or if you have no idea at all. It is also probably best if you have already discussed an acceptable budget, as well as how much you are willing (or able) to flex within that budget, before you begin the shopping. Also, discuss gemstone preferences, based both on color and practicality. You would not want to choose wedding rings, only to find out that your partner hates the color you chose, or if you chose a delicate stone for someone who does a lot of work with their hands.

Or, if you happen to be the partner who is buying the ring for the special woman in your life, you could start with simple, gold band rings for her or contemporary women’s wedding bands, or you could go all out with diamond (or ruby, or sapphire, or emerald, etc.) encrusted custom wedding rings. Just remember her size, her color preferences, and her lifestyle (and anything else you took into consideration when buying her engagement ring!).